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Alive and Active Life
2 Problems in Telling Others About Jesus

People need to hear about Jesus. There are 2 main problems to overcome. How can you be part of the solution to these problems?

Jesus is asking you to be part of a global team whether you stay or go to another part of the world. Every Christian is asked – by Jesus, Himself – to be involved in this global responsibility. How can you help reach the billions?

Romans 10 builds a strong case that Jesus came to save ALL people. It uses phrases like –

  • Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame. (v. 11)
  • No difference . . . Jew or Gentile. (v. 12)
  • Jesus blesses all who call on Him. (v. 12)
  • Every person who calls on Jesus’ name will be saved. (v. 13)

God has made His intentions clear. He loves all people and has made accommodations for everyone to respond to His invitation. He is looking for partners who care about His global interests.

The 2-fold problem in telling people about Jesus seems to center around people:

  1. People cannot believe on Jesus if they have never heard of Him.
  • How will they hear unless someone tells them?
  • How can someone go if they are not sent?

To be “sent” means:

  • Set apart.
  • Called.
  • Given support to do a job not marketable or compensated in earth’s economy.

Because of this unmarketable, uncompensated career, people who are sent need help. Scripture commands God’s people to live by God’s economy and provide support in 3 ways:

  • Financial – so those who are sent can actually support themselves and live.
  • Prayer – so those who are sent can have power in their work.
  • Affection – so those who are sent are affirmed with a team around them to enable and encourage at every level of this difficult task. It is not easy to leave home, family, country, and culture to be a “sent one.”


That first problem in partnering with God can be addressed with strategy and commitment. The second problem is a bit different.

  1. People who are told about Jesus often do not believe on Him.

It looks something like this –

  • Jesus offers His free gift that cost His life.
  • Jesus reaches to people every day in many ways.
  • Many don’t understand their own peril.
  • Many do not want Him.
  • Many refuse His generous offer.

God has something to say about this sad reality. All people fit in this group at the start: “They are obstinate. They like to disobey.” (v. 21)

The good news is this. With God’s help, we can do something about both problems.

For the first problem, you can:

  • Answer the call. (Everyone is called to salvation. Jn. 3:16.) After personally responding to God’s invitation for your own salvation, become part of a global team. (Everyone is also called to this.) Do this in one of 3 ways:
    • Go and tell.
    • Provide support (above 3 points) for someone else to go.
    • A combination of the above 2 options.

For the second problem, you can:

  • Pray for hearts to respond to Jesus. God’s Spirit softens hearts. Pray for revival.
  • Live so others see the power of Jesus in your daily life.
  • Focus to be: informed, involved, surrendered and empowered by God’s Spirit.

In what practical ways can you use earth’s economy to care more about God’s economy? How can you tell others about Jesus? Will you help solve these 2 problems about sharing the Gospel? Will you commit to:

  • Give?
  • Pray?
  • Send?
  • And even Go?
[Article developed from Rom. 10:12-21]


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