God has chosen you to be His precious child. His friend. His family heir. You are very special to God – not because of various unique aspects of who you are, but because God decided. God simply loves you – so much!

God Has Chosen You Because He Wants You

This eliminates the “performance issues” most people seem to have. Too often when you figure out the unique aspects that make you “you,” it is tempting to think it is those things that make you special. God does not see you that way. He simply decided you are special to Him. He simply wants you!

  • You did nothing to attract His attention.
  • Nothing you accomplished made you extra special.
  • You are intelligent, but that’s not what turned His head your direction.
  • Nothing about your appearance or personality put you above the crowd.
  • You really don’t get credit for any reason God wants you. He simply wants to show you favor!

This is an undeserved honor! God created you, and He simply wants you to be “you.” God sees you with grace. He wants you to see yourself with His grace.

You Are Special To God

  1. You have been CREATED IN HIS IMAGE, a little lower than angels (some translations say – a little lower than God. Ps. 8). You have been crowned with glory and honor – made a ruler over your domain. Your domain is your world, your life, your influence. God decided to give you this position of power. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  2. Whatever is in your life now – sorrows, losses, difficulties, challenges – those are the issues God wants to HELP YOU OVERCOME. “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who saves us.” (Rom. 8:37) He saves you now, and on-going – both in salvation and in your daily life issues. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  3. God has decided to PARTNER WITH YOU – if you will let Him. Yes, sin changed things, but it did not change His original design. By now, you’ve figured out you can’t live your life well on your own. God has great news for you. He has decided to let you partner with Him. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  4. It’s time to USE YOUR FREE WILL to pull everything in your influence back to the original design. God wants you to manage your life as you put yourself under His authority, strength, and power. Don’t let your current situation keep you from being who you are created to be. Don’t let your moods dictate your path. Refuse to give in to circumstances that seem impossible. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  5. God intends to LIFT YOU UP to His created design even now before He returns. He wants you to see Him in action in your daily life. This intentional act is part of His plan to make all things new – here and now. With you. He wants you to live in glory, in wonder, and in honor every day. All this – with His power and His humble heart inside you. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  6. God is PERFECTING YOU. If you’d only quit squirming and wiggling out from under His grip. Just stop. Be still. Know He is God. (Ps. 46:10) As you release yourself to His care, you partner with Him in new ways. You are lifted up to grow into yourself . . . into the person He created you to be. Why? Because you are special to Him.
  7. God wants you to LIVE YOUR LIFE IN THE GLORY of His original design– by faith. God crowned you with glory and honor. He wants your glory alive and current. That is what He decided when He made you. Your glory doesn’t start someday. It doesn’t start when Jesus returns. It starts now. Why? By now – you know why! He loves you with an everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3)

God decided you are special to Him. Will you decide to reach back to God? Is God special to you?

(Article developed from Heb. 2:6-10.)

For additional resources on how to want God back, order Reach Back: Intentionally Reaching Back to God.

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