Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
7 Strategies of Rest to Finish Well

When you start a fun adventure, a new program, a fresh plan, a resolved commitment – it’s easy to be excited. Passion gives energy to do hard stuff. You even handle losses better. Fresh starts are power launches. But – how do you finish well?


When “new” becomes the norm, some discipline starts slipping off. Daily drudgery sets in. Then – when life gets downright hard, painful, or disappointing, you realize you need to grit your teeth with resolve if you are going to finish well. Early days of clarity and passion start to fade.

At a successful power launch, you stand your ground. You rise up from set-back. But over time, you have become tired. Battle weary. You need a rest.

So, take a rest! If you are a life marathoner, you know good rest is critical. The terrain of your course has a bludgeoning effect, wearing you down a bit more each day. Fatigue interferes with your rhythm. It slows your pace. It can trip you up.

You have the same number of hours a day – and days a year – as everyone else. What you may not know is this: purposeful 15-20 minute slots can be extremely productive. Every stroke matters. This is also true for rest and renewal.

To run steady with realities of time and fatigue, schedule 15-20 minute rest slots 1-2 times a day. Intentionally focus:

  1. Remember – Think back to your fresh start. What changed since your power launch? Is it good or bad? What strokes after your rest period would get you back – or – keep you on course?
  2. Enjoy – Reflect on past successful memories. Just because time and fatigue are taking a toll doesn’t mean good beginnings are gone. Your race is not lost. Ask God to reboot your power launch. Then think “forward” again. You have additional beginnings ahead. Make more enjoyable memories.
  3. Refocus – Match current strokes with your original stride to regain momentum. Mimic successful past strategies. To renew perspective, carve unhealthy thought patterns away and replace with faith and hope in God. He created rest and knows how to help you refocus.
  4. Lean – into God’s heart by faith. Confess any sin present. Sin becomes more identifiable the closer you get to God, since He is light. Be deliberate in drawing close to God. He wants you to live face to face with Him. A gaze into His face means trust, closeness, relationship. It also means “rest.”
  5. Reinvest –No matter how tired or stressed you are, reclaim confidence in God. His reliable power steadies you. So, re-invest your confidence in His Word.
  6. Persevere – Decide to persevere as you refocus, reinvest, and recommit during your intentional rest slots. This works like a “mini power launch.” It builds resolve and fresh energy.
  7. Power nap – Yes, you have time for a 5-minute power nap, and it will refresh you at every level.

If you want to please God, don’t shrink back, quit, or shut down. Stay the course! God is working where you can’t see. Keep measuring your strokes. Use 15-20 minute rest slots wisely to “hard wire” a reboot. Be a strategic life marathoner – like Jesus was in His life on earth.

“Come to me all you who labor and are burdened. I will give you rest.” (Mt. 11:28)

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Article content developed from Heb.10:32-39.


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