Years ago when I was a teenager, I heard a song that touched my heart. The words of the chorus went like this –

All He wants is you. No one else will do. Not just a part – He wants all of your heart. All He wants is all of you. All He wants is you!

And no one sang that song like Frank! Tears ran down his face as he poured out his heart and this song into the listening ears of the teens at summer camp.

God wants all of you. For that to happen, you need “buy-in” to the idea that you are valuable to God. And you need to “do” certain things that confirm you agree with God – that He gets all of you.

  • By simple faith, activate and engage your heart in His love and hope. He provides love and hope faithfully each day. Latch onto those gifts by faith. When your heart connects with God’s love, you come alive! Your spirit rises with hope. And “hope does not disappoint b/c God has poured His love into our hearts . . . “ (Rom. 5:5)
  • The Lord Jesus also wants you to use your mind. Turn it on. Begin applying truth to the details of your daily living. Explore and develop habits that please God. Wrestle with critical root issues that interfere with your relationships. Form a plan of action steps from Scripture that help you make better choices. Focus on how to spur others on to love and good deeds.
  • Jesus wants you to flesh out His character and principles with visible actions. He wants you to get your body involved in His holiness. He created you as a physical being. You occupy time and space in the material world. Give your body to live in His love – and to encourage others to do the same.

Heart, mind, body! Yes, Jesus wants all of you. Fully alive. Engage in:

  1. A personal relationship with Him, no matter what is going on in your life. Even if bad things are happening Jesus wants to bring good from evil if you trust Him. You may have to endure some consequences for certain choices. But when you see God actively redeeming your trials – whether they are your fault, someone else’s fault, or unfortunate realities of living in a fallen world – you will find purpose and hope blossoming in your heart. You will literally SEE new life budding out of a winter of sorrow. God wants you! Yes, God has had you in His heart for a long time.
  2. His purpose for creating you. God has a purpose for your individual life! He will reveal it to you step by step as you trust Him. Will you embrace it? This is a huge KEY to who you are! This purpose helps define you . . . the person God had in His heart from the beginning. Yes, God has had you in His heart for a long time.
  3. His global interests. You might find it hard to believe that God has global plans for you . . . for His world and for history. God is inviting you. Help make a difference in this world. Use your years to bring about good things that glorify God and build others up. What can you do with your life to quietly leave your mark on a global scale? Giving, Going, Praying. Connecting. Yes, God has had you in His heart for a long time.

Do you believe Jesus wants all of you? Will you give Him all of you? He wants and loves all of you! Will you love Him back – with all of you?

Article developed from Heb 10.23-25.


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