I am devoting this week’s blog to an amazing servant of God. I celebrate the life and message of Billy Graham. His “home-going” to Heaven is a world event. It is turning heads. For some, it’s another fond look at the amazing impact God has had around the globe through this man. For others, it’s a first look.

Billy’s life gave extensive, global reach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His message has impacted so many, including me. Perhaps you have also been impacted by Billy Graham’s ministry. At almost 100 years old, he had become limited in what he could physically do. But because he faithfully focused his entire life on Jesus Christ, and because he committed to develop his own personal character, his global impact did not suffer one bit by age or limitations. In fact, his age has drawn increased attention to his faithful message about God’s love. Almost a century filled with service to a God who loves people. His continual claim? “God loves you!” His common reference? “The Bible says . . . “

My personal library is stocked with books from the Graham family. Billy. His dear wife, Ruth. Son, Franklin. Daughter, Anne Lotz. Daughter, Ruth. I honor this family and their witness through the challenges of family life and the sorrows of living in this troubled world. Every book bears testimony to the message: God loves you!

I’m attaching a file to this article of Billy’s last message to America and the world. I found it extremely encouraging, consistent with all his messages of the Gospel. I can’t help thinking that somehow, Billy’s move to Heaven might be another shout to the world by God. Time, indeed, grows short. Jesus is coming back . . . soon!

Recently, I also enjoyed a teaching by Anne Graham Lotz, Billy’s daughter. I’m attaching it, also. She gives a clear presentation that the end of time is close. I am personally challenged by her question – “What do you want to be doing 5 minutes before Jesus returns?” This question is a plumb line question. It keeps you centered. Provokes sober thinking about your life. Causes you to want to live with character and make godly decisions. The interesting part? It describes exactly what will happen to every person alive on earth when Jesus returns. Every person will be doing something 5 minutes before Jesus returns.

Anne presents many signs that time is shorter than ever. Jesus’ imminent return is right around the corner. She simply, yet dramatically closes with these words – “Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming.”

As things ramp up for the Son of God to return, we must ramp up every effort for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of us has unlimited ways to nurture and encourage others toward Jesus Christ. We must be faithful in these final days of opportunity.

I tell my children and grandchildren – “When the time had come – Jesus visited earth the first time. His birth produced a being, never-before alive! A “God-man!” A baby, a manger, celebrated religiously every year. It provokes hope and joy in hearts. Then – Jesus’ death and resurrection secured redemption for anyone who will believe. Anyone around the globe.” I finish by telling them – “Just as Jesus came the first time – when the time had come, He will come again the second time, (for real) – when the time is come. He will take to Heaven every person who believes on Him. Jesus will set up His Kingdom. He will rule with brilliant strategy, making rich provision and culture your daily norm. His rule will fill every minute of your eternal existence with incredible joy!”

Please pray with me . . . that God would shake the globe yet another time through Billy’s life and message. That God would shout the gospel to billions!

Please forward this article to anyone who needs to know Jesus. To anyone who needs to be encouraged in their walk with God. To anyone who might join the shout –

       – “God loves you! Jesus is coming. Soon! Get ready. Five minutes before He returns, be found in Christ.”

If you have not trusted Christ as your Savior, please click for information to help you make this decision.

Last message to America and the World: Billy Graham

Jesus is Coming: Anne Graham Lotz


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