Do you wish you knew how to manage your life, relationships, and responsibilities better? Have you ever wanted a glimpse into God’s great heart? Perhaps you need to experience the freshness and possibilities Jesus brings in life’s challenges? Do you sometimes lack wisdom or wish you had better discernment of how to solve your problems? It’s your move.

God’s thoughts are rich. His strategies are practical. They enable you to think more clearly and to build your own life strategies. Looking through God’s lens, you notice more options. Suddenly, you realize you can have a plan with great tactics and applicable materials to build with.


I am pleased to announce my latest book has been published and is ready for distribution. It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking From Romans helps you know God and His brilliant mind better, adding excitement and joy as you develop an intentional plan for your life. (See below for limited time SALE information.)

Life is like a game of chess. Interesting pieces are placed in a certain order on an equally interesting board of contrasting squares. Then it starts: the strategies, choices, and patterns. It only takes a few minutes to realize you can’t play chess without being very engaged and thoughtful.

That’s how life is. You strategize to live intentionally as you move across life’s board.

Rather than debate theology, It’s Your Move helps you study and apply Scriptural concepts in practical ways. When you get up in the morning for another day, you need information and resources to help you make good decisions. You need strategies in thinking, because – ready or not –

– It’s your move.

Check out my library and store for It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking From Romans. It’s on sale NOW for a limited time. You get $2 off every copy you order until Nov. 17, 2018.

Discover the “aha” moments about God’s holiness and love. The message of this book encourages and inspires positive perspective and hope. And it gives you that peek you want into God’s mind and heart.

In my library, there are also additional books and resources to help you live an effective, intentional life as a follower of Jesus. These resources help you gain a fresh approach to understanding challenging portions of the Bible. They help you manage your life better. And they focus on God’s love for you.

All the books in my library make great Christmas gifts. Particularly special is the book Celebrate Advent: A Life-Response to Emmanuel. It’s a wonderful, tiny Christmas book that gives a brief, meaningful thought each day during the month of December. It helps prepare your heart for Christmas.

Order Celebrate Advent now so you are ready on Dec. 1 to enjoy short, intentional encouragements during a busy holiday month. Order It’s Your Move and other books to use as meaningful Christmas gifts.

I hope you enjoy these products. I’ve enjoyed working on them as I’ve given from deep in my heart to God and now to you.


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