Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Can DUST Trust?

Can DUST Trust?

Some Questions:

  1. How do you turn dust into flesh and blood?
  2. And how do you turn flesh and blood into a fully alive person engaged in life?
  3. Then, how do you turn a fully alive person:
  • Away from ignorance
  • Into understanding
  • Toward wisdom
  • Onto the path of knowing God?

These things become reality by:

  • Believing there is a God who has no limits.
  • Establishing daily choices upon God’s pre-established principles.
  • Believing God is everything He claims.
  • Living with a deep respect for God (fear of the Lord) because He is holy through and through.
  • Driving your heart deep into God’s love in a credible (believable) way by using your will to obey Him.

More Questions:

  1. How can a person be from heaven and still live authentically on sinful earth?
  2. Who knows how to gather the power of the wind into their hands and harness it?
  3. Has anyone figured out how to collect the resources of the oceans and carry that stash around?
  4. Where is an intelligent mind that can identify, define, and explain how gravity (and all the other defining boundaries and properties of earth) was established?

Who could ever do these things? Prov. 30: 4 asks – “What is his Name? What is the name of his son?” If you know such a person, SPEAK UP NOW! Are they dust like me?

There is only One who can do all these things . . . who already has! His name is “I AM.” The name of His Son is Jesus. Some facts about Jesus:

  • His every word is flawless, packed with power. With words, alone, Jesus created all things.
  • He is a shield to you IF you take refuge in Him.
  • Do not try to instruct Him or put parameters on Him. He has no limits. If you try to limit or instruct Him, you only reveal you do not trust Him enough yet.

Because these realities define Jesus, your only good choice is to worship Him with your whole life. Start – and stay – in that place! Every day. Avoid living in confusion. Live in truth, even if you don’t have all the details sorted out. Experience provisions God intended for your life. Cultivate deep respect for God in every thought, word, and deed. Begin to engage God’s design of your human power. Your will is extremely powerful and allows you to function in your intended design. Yes, a fully alive person, flesh and blood, who was formed out of dust!

Yes, dust can trust – with your full will. There is no other plan for human function! (Just think about that statement for a while.)

I AM never changes. He is always holy and flawless – including in His love for you. The only way you will ever know His satisfying, soothing love is to trust Him. Faith is the only way you will ever know the God-Man, Jesus!

Trust Him for salvation. Then trust Him for guidance and power to live each day.

  • God has made Himself available to you.
  • He is actively looking for faith on the earth. (2 Chron. 16:9a; Lk. 18:8)
  • Will He find faith in you?

Developed from Prov. 30:1-9.

Additional reading on WOW faith.


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