You are who you are, and if you are synced with God, you are what God wants you to be. It may be different than what you had wanted. You may have had a completely different picture in your mind. But if you are synced with God, you have character.

What does synced with God mean? Well, the end result is holy and faithful. You also get to enjoy God’s grace and peace. How do you get there? If you are in this good place, you know there are specific things you’ve done to get where you are. If you’re not there, I hope you will become very hungry and thirsty for this kind of living. This approach to life used to be the most natural thing before the Fall. It is the original design, rich in godly character. It’s still available for you today.

It may surprise you as you see that circumstances don’t dictate, or limit, character.

Thankfulness – This character quality is the peaceful contentment that overflows when you completely trust in God. The person who practices thankfulness has learned the secret of success: being thankful in all circumstances, and rejoicing. It’s like practicing cheer. Well-placed, thoughtful faith in God ends up here. It’s not fluffy, abstract fantasy. It’s rock solid foundation under your daily life. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. Thankfulness does amazing work.

Why is this true? Because it’s not about your circumstances (although God sincerely cares about your circumstances). It’s about your character. 1 Thess. 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances because this is God’s Will for you in Christ Jesus.” It’s God’s will for you to be joyful and thankful because it makes you like Jesus. It proves you trust Him. When you focus on blessings from God, you gain a mature perspective. With special focus on the gift of Jesus, Himself, you discover joy bubbles inside you. When this really lands in your heart, you are forever grateful for the cross and for God’s Spirit that lives in you.

Thankfulness is also a key that unlocks huge reserves of resources to you.

Here are three more character qualities worth going after.

Faith – You sincerely trust Jesus. Deeply. For forgiveness and eternal life. And for every detail of every day. You believe Him for all things. In fact, you have driven an invisible stake with a loud and clear message: God is everything He claims! Living in this reality is riveting. Life-changing. Every day.

Hope – You get hope from God’s mercy and loving kindness. Courageously believe Jesus is addressing everything, big and small. He is making all things new. (Rev. 21:5) And you? Be radical enough to hope in Him. The audacity! To hope in God, alone. God has a reservoir of hope He stores for you in Heaven. Christ’s gospel is only the beginning of hope. There is a huge storehouse for you. It’s like a bank. This is the kind of hope that bends steel and crushes concrete. It opens doors and nurtures luscious signs of life.

Love – You realize how deeply and undeservedly God loves you. Instead of feeling badly about such a lavish gift (because you know the truth about yourself), you accept this amazing gift. You relish it. You bathe in it daily. God’s love is so powerful, it begins to transform you as you partner with God by faith through obedience. As you share God’s love with others, it starts doing the same thing for them, if they also believe. God’s love bears fruit – always.

Do you recognize the three qualities – faith, hope, and love from 1 Cor. 13:13? These character qualities are for you through the spiritual discipline of thankfulness. Why not make a withdrawal from this bank today?



Article developed from Col. 1:1-8.


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