If anyone has ever told you depression is not real, don’t believe them. If someone has questioned whether a person can be depressed and still be a Christian, do not let them speak into your life. And worst of all, if anyone has ever judged you for being depressed, put up gentle boundaries that protect your heart.

In responding to people who say such things about depression, never return rudeness or unkindness. But simply – don’t let their words land! Oftentimes people say bold things they haven’t thought through. Overconfidence is a weakness that limits perspective. Sometimes, people who are quick with words end up in a similar scenario later in life. Then they need what you need now: comfort, love, and support. Give like Jesus gives.

This is the time of year some people suffer from depression. If you do, you are not alone. Depression comes for many different reasons. Losses of all kinds, health issues, prolonged difficulties, long-term fatigue, etc. Another reason is chemical imbalance – similar to hormone replacement. Talk with your physician to see if you need chemical correction. You may or may not need it. Regardless of the cause of your depression, a tweeked perspective will help.

The Psalmist struggled with depression. There was no chemical correction available then. However, the Psalmist effectively knew how to select a godly perspective and make daily choices to combat his depression.

When you are feeling depressed, you need intervention and companionship from someone who cares deeply about you. Someone totally on your team who would go to the ends of the earth for you. Someone who is great and holds all things together. Someone who knows how to walk a fine line, live at the edge, and not go crazy!

Guess who that Someone is: IT’S JESUS!!

True Key Points About God:

  • He is powerful.
  • God loves you SO MUCH!
  • Nothing is too hard for Him.
  • If you trust Him with resolve, you are in excellent hands.
  • God’s care is sufficient and individually designed.
  • God works on your behalf when you put your faith in Him.
  • God’s armies are poised for action, weapons drawn – to address the enemy of your soul.

Have troubles believing this? You may need to ask yourself some hard questions about trust. Check out this good read from 2 Kings 6: 8-23. You will love it. I’m not going to tell it here. But it shows what God will do for a humble person willing to trust Him.

Does God deliver from depression? That’s a good question. A hard one. Honestly? – “yes” and “no.” Sometimes He does and other times He doesn’t. Does God deliver from cancer? Or injury? Or painful relationships? Or aging? Honestly? – “yes” and “no.”

God is committed to companionship and keeping promises. If you trust God, He will walk through depression with you. He may heal you of it. However, He may choose to heal the parts of you that are needed to manage the condition, instead. God is not a genie to grant 3 wishes. He is Lord of the universe, and He loves you very much.

I wrote another article on depression that explores 7 Things That Matter when you are in the middle of depression. Just because you are struggling with depression does not mean you are not normal. Very normal people have this condition.

But – you DO need to ask yourself what you are focusing on? The depression? Or God’s help?

The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made. (Ps 145: 8-9)

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