I’m excited to announce it is finished! And it’s off to the printer to be published! Yay! Despicable We is my most recent book – a modern day look at very relevant messages from the book of Ezekiel. Messages relevant in 2016 in today’s world and applicable to your life!



As I worked on this project and saw how the message played out, I was as unsuspecting as I imagine Ezekiel might have been when he received those messages from the Sovereign Lord. It has a “POW” effect as you work your way through the pages. Studying, writing, researching, and meditating on the messages has certainly increased my understanding of the Sovereign Lord and His perspective of reality. And it has definitely increased my hope in God and His amazing purpose for my life.

You can find something unique in Despicable We for your life. Please – join the unsuspecting author (me!) and the unsuspecting prophet from centuries ago (Ezekiel) to explore and discover. You might be unsuspecting, too, but you won’t be disappointed.

This is my 4th book, and I’m excited to bring it to you. And to the public. Would you help me reach out to people in your life? I believe strongly in the content of this book, and if you would be willing to partner with me a bit, I can get the word out to others. I sincerely thank you!

Pre-ordering on amazon.com gives you a $2 discount while it is being printed. Would you please share this post with people in your world? When the book comes out on or around Oct. 10th, the price goes back up to the original pricing. So order now – and save!

I hope you take advantage of this personal growth opportunity AND the discount. I think you will be pleased, encouraged, and challenged.

Check out the book description in my website library:  http://www.aliveandactivelife.org/library/. You can take a peek at my previous books, too, if you like.

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