I’ve been thinking about miracles. Perhaps you have, too. Maybe you need a miracle right now. A miracle is hard to wrap your brain around because – well – it’s a miracle! It’s another dimension that slips into your normal dimension.

Jesus often performed miracles. He is known for His touch that changes things. In a world where our lives sometimes feel like deserts – void of miracles – we need His touch.

There are 3 interesting components to a miracle.

  1. First, they always start with faith. “Without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Heb. 11:6)
  2. Second, they come from a God who deeply loves you, wants to help, and honors your faith.
  3. Third, they rarely look exactly like you picture them.

From God’s perspective, faith is the foundational element needed to engage His miraculous power in the details of your life. It is possible that many more miracles happen than we know. If believers in Jesus are trusting and obeying Him, and if they are asking for His miraculous power in their lives, they are receiving miracles. They recognize those miracles when they let go of their expectation of how the miracles should look. In other words, they agree with God. They trust His interests in their life over their own interests. They know that His miracles might look completely different than they asked for.

Here is a list that helps miracles seem a bit more real. More tangible.

  • Prayer precedes a miracle. The request. The desire. An expressed need to the One who can provide.
  • Become part of the miracle. Many prayers are not answered because people don’t do their part. They sit and think it looks like this: Ask God to perform for them, and – tada! Actually, it looks more like this – roll up your sleeves and participate in your miracle as God does what only He can do. Partner with Him.
  • Wait for it. This is hard for most people. Waiting is difficult. It feels like a “no” answer. But it’s not. Much of life is spent waiting for things, events, people, timing, etc. A lot happens in a “wait.” This place of pause is pregnant with God’s power.
  • Recognize it. It’s easy to get caught up in the desire for a miracle, the emotion of intervention, the glitter of the extraordinary. You may not even recognize the miracle when it happens. Many miracles quietly slip by unrecognized. They don’t match your expectation.
  • Claim it. Grab onto the miracle you prayed for! Don’t let it slip through your fingers. It is your special gift from the Lord even if it looks completely different than you anticipated. God doesn’t give shabbily. (Ja 1:17) Everything He gives is much better than what you asked for . . . but the packaging is almost always unexpected – as if God somehow missed something. God didn’t miss a thing. Open the packaging, tear off limiting wrappings, cut the strings. You will find an amazing gift inside, custom designed for you.

If your miracle is asking for no more pain or difficulty in this life, perhaps you need to amend your request. God answers bigger than that. Pain and difficulty will fall away when Jesus returns. It may diminish in limited measure in this life, but Scripture says, “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world.” (Jn. 16:33) Perhaps God wants to give you more than what you immediately see. Maybe also ask for patience, courage, renewed strength, resolved faith, hope in God’s wisdom. Those are all miracles. God answers prayer. And God still performs miracles. Ask, partner with Him, and receive.


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