I had an interesting dream last night. I want to share it with you. But first –

Apparently, all people dream. It’s a healthy part of sleeping. While your body and mind sleep and renew, your brain has free access to files in your mental library. Some dreams get pretty weird because of this free access phenomena.

In Scripture, God sometimes used dreams to tell people things or to encourage them. During my lifetime, I’ve seen people abuse and misapply this idea as they try to duplicate such experiences in their own lives. Creating, mismanaging, fabricating, misapplying dreams and messages – going after the experience and one’s own agenda rather than going after God. When God uses a dream to help a person, He always matches it to the principles of His Word. Plus, He lets you remember your dream. And then He also helps you understand it. Not all dreams qualify for this very special blessing.

Here is my dream, the best I remember it.

I was in a tent, resting. I looked out a small upper window flap and noticed movement right outside my tent. As I watched, a structure began to appear – a tent. It was being put up – perhaps inflated – right next to my tent. It was BIG! As it neared completion, I noticed the shape of the tent was literally fitting exactly to the shape of my tent, filling in places and surrounding other places. I did not feel afraid, but rather comforted and peaceful. Somehow, I knew it was God’s tent.

When I woke, I remembered this dream clearly. As I began to apply my “awake,” more rational thoughts to the dream, I realized God was reminding me He is with me. So very near. That He cares deeply about all events in my tent. That He pitched His tent super close to mine. He wants to participate in every detail of my life – in and out of my tent. Companionship. Support. Covering. Strength. That’s what His huge tent touching my tent felt like.

Then I began to remember some truths from Scripture. Be encouraged with me.

  1. “The angel of the Lord (the Lord, Himself) encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.” (Ps. 34:7)
  2. The tabernacle is mentioned in many passages of the Old and New Testaments. The tabernacle was a huge, strong, peaceful, holy tent that was erected in the middle of the camp of God’s people. The idea is that God literally tabernacled with His people as a living picture of protection, comfort, peace, companionship, provision.

I don’t know what you are going through in your life. But if you are like me, you need a tent next to your life tent. You need a very dependable structure of love that will shore you up in every daily detail you must manage. God is reminding that, even though you cannot see it with your physical eyes, He has pitched His strong, enduring tent so close to yours, that it literally fills the bends and crevices of your tent. It holds your tent in place during the strong winds of life storms. It provides the stable structure you need to hold you steady. His tent reminds you that you are not alone. God’s tent is quite literally the “pillar of cloud and pillar of fire” that stands between your tent and your enemies’ attacks and whacks at your heart. (Ex. 14:24; Nu. 14:14; Neh. 9:12)

I’m fully awake now. I do not see a tent near me. But I believe God’s promises enough to know that the tent I dreamed about is right next to me.

Will you let God pitch His tent right next to yours?

God Loves You Very Much!

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