No one wants to be rejected, left alone, overlooked. They want to matter. Each person wants to be important to someone. Valued. Loved. This is not an accident nor a faulty design. God purposefully created people with these inner desires and concerns. He made them to need to be special. To care about making a difference. And to care about others.

Have you ever considered God’s design for people? It’s blaringly definable – and God intends to be the Someone to esteem, support, and nurture each individual person. He also intended each person to esteem Him, first and foremost, above all others. Yet, in the brokenness of life, the losses and griefs imposed against our wishes, the messes we end up in, and the rejection dished out by others, it would be tempting to wonder if God has sometimes rejected you. Sometimes your exclamation marks end up being question marks. Other times, your questions are so piercing, they have exclamation marks emphasizing what you don’t know. And often those marks bookend deep hurts.

“Did God reject His people? By no means!” That is God’s bold statement with an attitude from Rom. 11:1 Check it out. Even the exclamation point is in Scripture (at least in my translation).

You’ve been tenderly in God’s heart always. Apparently, it’s important to Him to value and love you. To help and save you. He gave you life, a unique person-hood, looks, skill set, abilities, dreams, pursuits, etc. It is also important to God that you value and love Him back. This is not because God has needs. It’s because He knows He is the best thing for you. He completes you. Being the Designer, He ought to know.

Did you know you are an extension of God’s desires? He wants you. God has not rejected you. He says, “Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5) If there is any rejection going on, it comes from people, not God. People rejecting God. People rejecting people. But God? He loves you deeply.

Ask yourself good questions. Good questions help define and identify things. They precede good choices.

As you have lived your life, been hurt, disappointed, run a muck, become tired and maybe disillusioned – have you rejected God? Have you set aside His love because you equated all the hard stuff in your life as God not loving you? Have you blamed God? Do you think He might have forgotten some things that are important to you? Or maybe that He operates from a distance, so you can’t count on intimacy or friendship with Him? If so, I have a word for you from a man who wrote part of the Old Testament. And I have another word for you from the man who wrote Romans.

Jeremiah strongly presents what God says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love: I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (Jer. 31:3) In his letter to Timothy, Paul says – Don’t let anyone (including yourself) think little of you for any reason. Set an example with your speech, your life choices, your love, your faith, your purity. Be diligent. Give yourself wholly to God. Let others see your life in action. Persevere. Your walk affects not only yourself, but others who are watching. Others who need an example. Guard what has been given to you. Do not neglect your gift given to you by God. You – keep your head in all situations! (1 Tim. 4:12,14,15; 2 Tim. 4:5)

Refuse the temptation to think you are not important to God . . . that He is distant from you. You are reserved for God. This is not because of anything you have done. It’s not payment due to you. It is God’s grace, alone. Look up grace in a dictionary. It’s not earned or deserved.

If you choose to think outside God’s truth, you will fall into a kind of stupor. Then you will become blind. After that, deaf. Not trusting God’s love changes you into someone you would not choose to become. And in this place, life becomes a huge place of rejection. Is that really what you want? Why not listen to God’s strong messages of love and goodwill toward you? Avoid this stupor. God is going to help you. God loves you.

Has God rejected you? Of course not (exclamation point)


Article developed from Rom. 11:1-10.


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