Faith in God changes you. You transition from an ordinary, daily life to an extraordinary, empowered life. This always looks differently than you picture in your head. When you engage faith in God, good things start to happen:

  1. You suddenly begin to know His heart more.
  2. You see things happen (in you and others) you didn’t before.
  3. You watch God’s promises fulfilled.
  4. You see strength in weakness. Help in trouble. Comfort in sorrow. Direction in confusion.
  5. Your life comes alive as you become who you were created to be.
  6. AND – sometimes – your situation even changes. It might not, but when you surrender to God completely, He does one more thing . . .
  7. He will blow your sox off with surprises and blessings. Those blessings start with:
  • Deep satisfaction in your very center – that you are right with God

Then follows:

  • Purified motives
  • Peace that passes understanding
  • Joy that bubbles over
  • Intimacy with God you never dreamed
  • Integrity that you trust, others trust, and God trusts.

Not only does faith change you; it affects your whole family. Your faith for loved ones extends fingers of power, hope, and creative developments into their lives and future. You may not see results before you die. But whatever you ask for by faith according to God’s will, has on-going affects for years to come.

Heb. 11 mentions people who invested strong faith in their loved ones:

  • Isaac blessed his sons’ future even as a blind, dying man. If he can do that, you can do the same while you are living and active.
  • Jacob blessed his grandsons – sons of his dear Joseph who he thought was long dead. Jacob then leaned on his staff as he was dying – and did what he had been in the habit of doing all his life: worshipped the living God! If he can do that in life and death, you can do these same things engaged in daily life and when your times comes to die.
  • When Joseph was dying, he spoke into his lineage’s future by faith. He was the square knot that tied past promise with future reality. “Take my bones to the promised land” – of all things! His life, his faith-filled death, and even his bones – made a difference. If he can do that with bones, think what you can do with all of you – still breathing with a beating heart.
  • Parents of a baby whose life was in danger, courageously risked their lives and hid him. They did the hard stuff to ensure Moses would be cared for and raised for God’s purpose. Mind you, they did not know their son would lead all of Israel to freedom! They just loved and raised him, taking risks, because of faith. (They practiced “extreme parenting!”) Their opinion? “Our little guy is special, with a life purpose.” If these parents could risk Pharaoh, you can raise your kids in faith no matter what your circumstances, resources, or threats.
  • That little baby grew up. Moses saw the God who trumped all Egypt’s gods. As a prince of Egypt, he was destined for leadership under one of the greatest thrones of history. As a young adult, Moses made mistakes. He had to find himself. In guilt, fear, and shame, he walked away from it all – wealth, fame, mystery, power – to find – and then embrace his life purpose. He spent years in a wilderness as he came to terms. Moses’ parents’ faith and vision turned into something. Moses chose the one true God, even though he’d been raised in the palace of a demon-worshipping monarchy . . . with luxury and pleasures all around him. If God can do this for a young, strapping Moses, He can do it for you and for your teenagers and young adults!

Why would these people choose to believe in the invisible power of God even without seeing results before they died?

Because life is more than it appears! God is greater than any of us suspect! And He loves you and your family!

Article developed from Heb. 11.20-28

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