Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Get “Buy In” and Influence Over the Timing of Jesus’ Return

If you are committed to live a holy, godly life, Jesus’ return is already on your radar. You already have “buy in” on that event. You love the Lord and are eager to know Him more. You already believe you will one day live with Him forever – NO END! Wow. What a future!

Here is an idea that might be new to you:

Apparently, you have a little influence over when the day of the Lord is. You can get “buy in” on the timing! Another wow.


This idea of affecting the timing of the Lord’s return seems to center around how you live.

Let’s look at key questions:

Exactly how do you live a holy, godly life? Peter gives more definition:
    1. Be found spotless
    2. Be found blameless
    3. Be at peace with God

Well, that’s a list! If you are going to work on those 3 things, you will be busy. Too busy to get entangled in side issues that don’t matter. Jesus gives these 3 things as a gift when you trust Him for salvation. BUT – you can actually begin to “flesh out” those things in your daily life and literally become those things as you practice them. You “become” what you “practice.”

Becoming a mature Christian requires commitment, surrender, humility, courage, focus, honesty, and resolve. The reward? The AWESOME experience of making progress toward being spotless, blameless, and at peace with God!

If you take up that challenge, everything in Scripture comes to your aid as you commit to refining your character. And the Holy Spirit gives you power, wisdom, and help to begin to accomplish those things.

How do you EVER speed the coming of the Lord – even in a tiny way?!

This is where it gets complicated.

Only God knows what He is up to. He always has a plan. His endearing qualities of mercy and compassion are shown by His patience. Patience for what? You? Me? The world? The church? All of the above?

Think for a moment. If you are patient with someone, waiting for them to do something . . . when they get that thing done, you are done patiently waiting. So, hmmmm – your waiting is directly affected by the other person’s actions. They do not control your life, your plan, or your progress. Perhaps they affect these things and the timing – but they do not control.

God is being patient with lost people of the world and His children. He is not slow in returning. God does not want anyone to perish. He also wants to share His glory and joy with His children in reaching lost people. So – somehow – what lost people do and what you do influences what God does, even if in a tiny way. You do not control God’s life, His plan, or His progress. Perhaps you affect some level of timing, even if a little bit.

What are you going to do about all this?

Article developed from 2 Peter 3:14-16.

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