What you think or believe about God matters. Keep in mind, however, that what you think is a very small piece of the great big picture. You are not able to see the whole thing, let alone process it and make judgments about it. So, it is also true that you do not always operate with a complete perspective of reality. With these limitations, how can you fully live your life in God’s love and blessing?

God is interested in you. God is not interested in your track record of righteousness – although your choices do actually matter on another level. It’s not your unique skills set, personality, or experiences that impress God – although they add to your identity and effectiveness. It’s not your rituals that catch God’s attention – although various rituals may add meaning to your daily life. No, God digs down under all those things. He wants you, not your righteousness, abilities, or rituals.

God is interested in blessing you. That starts with being forgiven. Forgiveness only comes by Christ’s finished work on the cross. He saves you – if you are willing to be saved. You receive forgiveness from Him – if you confess your sins and repent. He keeps you every day of your life – if you are willing to stay close to Him inside His love. (Jude 21) God’s blessing on your life is activated by your faith.

God is interested in your friendship. That’s an unbelievable statement, but it’s true. “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. And he was called God’s friend.” (Jas. 2:23) God truly wants you to be His friend. Instead of relating to you as a servant, He prefers to relate to you in friendship. He is still Lord. And you should be very committed to pleasing Him with your life. Yet, He lifts you up to the undeserved position of friend.

Here are some good questions you can ask yourself. These questions help you determine your perspective of reality. Do you believe God’s claims? Do you love God back? Do you believe He loves you, wants to bless you, and wants your friendship? Is your motive to please Him most?

Here are four things you can do daily to exercise faith in the God who is interested in you:

  1. Connect – Connect with God. Seek Him first and most above all others.
  2. Trust – Trust God more than anyone else. Trust yourself to Him – always.
  3. Obey – Pleasing God should be your desire every waking hour.
  4. Rest – In your heart, work at resting in the Lord. Sound like an oxymoron? It’s not.

These four responses are activated by faith. Faith helps you function in God’s reality. It helps you live sincerely and authentically. It brings consistency to your life, as well as peace and joy. Your faith is the most valuable resource you can ever possess. It gives you God, His blessing, and His friendship.

Agreeing with God’s Word seals your life in a good way. What you believe about God matters because you matter to God. God is interested in you as a person. He is interested in blessing you. And He is interested in having your friendship. He wants you to know Who He really is.

Does God matter to you? Enough to live every day connected to Him? Trusting Him completely? Obeying His principles and commands? Resting in His goodness and love?

Article developed from Rom. 4:9-15.


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