The New Year is only one sleep away. Are you ready? A New Year is an opportunity to let go of some things and grab onto other things. Going into a New Year involves many emotions. It can feel scary, not knowing what is ahead. It may be a relief to walk into something new with a fresh perspective. You might have reason to celebrate certain accomplishments. Excitement about new opportunities begins to rise. Sadness about aging, saying good-byes, or letting go of various endeavors can be painful. Knowing there will be difficult challenges is sobering. Yet, overall, most people reach forward with hope as one year morphs into another.

You are a Link in Your Life Chain


Have you thought about this? You are, this present moment, a chain link that ties your past to your future. What you think, say, and do each moment matters. You hold both ends of your life together in your middle. A thoughtful and courageous approach helps you make intentional choices that affect your life – and the lives of others.

Intentional Choices


How do you go into a new year with healthy choices? How do you let go of unrealized goals and unfinished business? Perhaps you reframe goals to finish things you started. What do you do with unhealed hurt? How do you overcome fear? What about bad habits? Can you set yourself up for maximum success during the next 12 months?


Let’s explore action steps that will enable your success.

REGULAR TIME IN GOD’S WORD: Nurture growth in your character, increase quality guidance, and bring purpose to your life by spending daily time in Scripture. The Written Word affects your life powerfully because it is the Living Word, Jesus Christ, on paper.

SINCERE PRAYER DRAWS YOU CLOSE TO GOD: Be close in your heart to God at all times by simple faith. Talk to the Lord about your problems, fears, sadness, joys, plans, needs . . . everything! Set apart Jesus as Lord in your heart. (1 Pet. 3:15) Enjoy Him. He calls you His friend. (Jn. 15:15)

CHOOSE CHEER: You have control over your disposition. No matter how hard things become, choose cheer over anxiety or pouting. Where you suffer, especially unjustly, remain conscious of God’s presence and sovereignty over your scenario. Cheer is good medicine. (Prov. 12:25; 2 Pet, 2:19; Prov. 17:22)

DEVELOP HEALTHY HABITS: What you practice is what you become. So, examine your habits and patterns carefully. Some habits need development. Others you need to get rid of and replace with something more admirable or productive. How healthy are your patterns? Food options, amount of sleep, how you spend your free time, etc. Are you a good model to others? Setting up structured patterns with flexibility helps you accomplish goals and objectives.


SET GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: There are many resources to help you set good goals. Thoughtfully written objectives help you carry out action steps to grow personally and professionally. Here are two great blog articles, Step One and Step Two that teach you “how to” set up a simple 1-page Goals sheet to keep on track for an entire year. Hold yourself accountable to these endeavors and passions.


BE A WHOLE PERSON: Many people live their lives as half a person . . . or less. Being a whole person means pursuing a variety of relationships, experiences, practices, interests, investments (not necessarily financial), and habits. From dabbling in the sciences, to appreciating various forms of art, to reading literature and world news, to engaging a hobby, to gathering with a group, to simply enjoying quiet time alone – all these, and many more, help you be a more balanced, whole person.

Start something new. Go into this New Year intentionally. Partner with God. You can do this!



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