Growing up is hard work. But it’s normal. That’s what people do: grow up . . . in body, mind, heart, relationships, and emotions. Even though you will keep growing up all your life, there comes a time when you “are up.”

Even though it is hard work to grow up, to NOT GROW UP is unnatural, unhealthy, and even tragic.

Graduating from one life stage to enter the next – and continuing that process to reach maturity – it’s what healthy development is about. You want to get there. You want your kids to get there. Your friends. Your colleagues.

What sometimes gets left out of the picture of growing from infancy to mature adulthood is the aspect of growing up in your faith in Jesus Christ. It is necessary to grow up in your spirit – your soul. Become the person God had in mind when He created you – to your very core. Your soul can literally grow up in the Lord as you live in relationship with Him and as you put His Word into practical application in your daily life issues.

For the person who has not grown up in their faith, many truths in the Scriptures are hard to understand. Principles of the Word can be challenging for even a seasoned believer. They are a mystery. Even so, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Christian, you decide what level of understanding you gain. That’s right. YOU decide! Here’s how:

1. You decide if you are going to ask the Lord to open your understanding to His Word. It all starts by asking for it. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God. . . . “ (Js. 1:5) PRAY for growth.

2. You decide how much time you will spend in the Word. Yes, it takes a commitment of time and energy. That means re-working your daily schedule to regularly include study. STUDY for growth.


3. You decide if you will go the extra mile and memorize Scripture. It may seem overwhelming – but it’s not. There are so many simple strategies you can use – from pop-up reminders on your device to the old fashioned 3X5 cards. Sticky notes posted here and there help (as long as you promise to repeat the verse each time you see these reminders). It’s amazing what happens if you simply repeat something every morning and night. The human brain captures those repetitions into memory. MEMORIZE for growth.

4. You decide if you are going to help Scripture land in your life. It’s true. Do you turn your thoughts often to what you read from the Bible that morning? Do you “meditate on His Law night and day. . . “ (Ps. 1:2) MEDITATE for growth.

Did you know you have that much “say” in your spiritual development and growth? Well, you do. Since this is true, you could also say that you decide if you are going to remain under-developed: an infant. Sucking on a bottle of milk that someone prepared for you. Crying out for nourishment. Feeling helpless. Needing someone to get you through the next moment.

You are able to take in the meat and potatoes of the Word – cut it into small pieces, chew it, swallow it, and digest it – unless you prefer only milk! Get out your knife and fork. Dig in. Salivate. Start to hunger and thirst for righteousness, and you will be filled. (Mt. 5:6)

Time to grow up in your faith, Christian. (v. 14) Use the Word in the above 4 ways to become mature and seasoned. Model these critical aspects of growth. Help someone else grow up. Walk with them while they learn the 4 powerful “grow up decisions” that make a difference. Do this for your kids, your friends, your colleagues.

P.S. Still want your milk? Hooked on it? No problem. Just lose the bottle. Gulp down a satisfying tumbler of cold milk with your meat and potatoes. Or you can enjoy a cup of warm milk before bed. Add a touch of nutmeg.

Article developed from Heb. 5:11-14

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