It is good to hope and pray.

It is good to wait on the Lord.

It is good to know He has a good plan for your life (Jer. 29:11).

But there’s a twist, too. In the hoping, praying, and waiting – what should you be doing?

Most young people and adults looking for a godly spouse have a list of specific character qualities in mind for their future partner. Things like mature, hard-working, kind, honest, authentic, gentle, fun, committed, and humble. It’s a wonderful list – a bit of a gulp when it seems there are few that “fit the bill.” But they still look and hope.

Even so – that’s not the most daunting part of this process. By far, the most challenging part is this: becoming the kind of godly, quality person that such a spouse would also be looking for in reciprocation!

Sometimes the looking and hoping becomes too much of a priority, filling thoughts and even dreams. The time that passes while you are hoping, praying, and waiting should be filled with every effort to become the same kind of quality person you are hoping to find. Simply put – if you do not invest your time, energy, and creativity into becoming such a person, the partner you are hoping for might come along and pass over you. . . . because that kind of quality person (check out the character quality list above again) is looking more at the inside than at the outside of a possible future partner. So the best way to find the spouse you desire is to “be becoming” that same kind of partner for them!


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