If you have trusted Jesus for salvation, you are part of The Royal Family – God’s Family. You have privileges as God’s heir. You also have royal responsibilities, influence, and leverage.

Scripture calls this a “heavenly calling. Here are some of your perks and privileges:

  • Adopted into God’s forever family.
  • Jesus is your big Brother, loving Parent, best Friend.
  • Living free from the guilt and bondage of sin.
  • Access to God’s resources through His promises, which are “yes” if you claim them. (2 Cor. 1:20)
  • Eternal life starts now. Death can’t threaten you even when it stares you in the face!
  • You have influence over people who need Jesus.
  • Your prayers get heard and answered as you turn to your Father in faith.
  • Scripture says you have a certain influence in the timing of Jesus’ return. (2 Pet. 3:12)

To be in a royal family is a new experience. It might take some time to wrap your brain around this reality. But you can choose to believe it. As a family member, you need a new perception of your life. You also need to be aware that you are a “living stone” in God’s house.

Family Member – A New Perception

Begin conducting yourself as a royal heir by fixing your thoughts on Jesus, your model for royal living. You need His help as you partner with Him to rule the domain of your life. This is how you set yourself up to be effective in addressing your royal responsibilities:

  • He is your Intervener. Lean into Him.
  • He Infuses you with power. Plug into Him.
  • Jesus Invites you into God’s heart of wisdom and love. Accept it with joy.
  • He is Intercessor over your life management. Consult Him.
  • He is faithful in all His roles. Determine to reciprocate this lovely quality back to Him.

Family Member – Living Stone

Christ holds all things together. You need His help to hold your life together. He holds His royal family together. Since you are a “living stone” in the house of God’s royal family, (1 Pet. 2:5) you could actually say you “are the house.” You join believers all over the world across centuries in being an amazing mansion for God to live in!

God is the Builder of this “living house” – every day – in and through you! Jesus is the Architect and Landlord. He has a design and plan that incorporates your unique stone into specific structures and functions of His great home.

Since you are a “living stone,” you need life building specs, blueprint plans, and design diagrams from God. You get these by spending time in His Word. As you train yourself in His principles, your ability to have influence and leverage for the good of God’s Kingdom increases.

To be part of His “living home,” you must practice 2 things:

  1. Courage – to believe the truth and live in it every day.
  2. Hope –to believe God has a good plan for your life.

It ain’t easy being a “living stone.” You do need courage and hope. And it certainly helps if you cooperate with the Builder.

BE the House!

BE a living stone!

BE in The Royal Family!

BE yourself . . . with courage and hope. And invite others into The Royal Family. Invite them to be a “living stone” in God’s house.


Read about The Plan that secured your place in the Royal Family.


Article developed from Heb. 3:1-6.


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