Boasting is generally thought to be bad, self-centered at the very least. Most healthy people refrain from including it in daily communication and interactive behaviors. Yet, Paul promotes boasting.

It’s natural to want to praise something. You want to talk about it, lift it up, promote it. You seek to have others join you.

Example – when you find a new great place to eat, you get excited. You remember the amazing experience and want to talk about it. You describe the food, atmosphere, and service. Your memory replicates flavors and smells. To help the other person almost experience this great new place, you choose your best words. Your “boasting” completes your experience.

This kind of boasting is the element of praise. Praise not only draws attention to something. It completes your own experience as you talk about it. And, it also invites others to enter in.

God wants you to praise Him and His ways. This kind of boasting puts Him in the central place He should be. It draws attention to Him and His excellent ways. Boasting about the Lord encourages others to be curious, interested, and even to desire what you are talking about. In other words, you begin to “salt people,” helping them hunger and thirst for God and His ways. Jesus is exactly what this broken world needs. Welcoming others to know Him is a big deal. So – boast!

The Most Meaningful Reality

Praise draws you close to God. It lifts your heart in worship as you target specific things you appreciate about God. Your expression of truth enriches God’s reality in your spirit. It reinforces God’s ways – in you and in others. Praise pulls you away from brokenness and loneliness even as it connects you intimately with God. Face to face with God who loves you. Undeserved. Meaningful. Very real. It’s worth boasting about a God who treats people with incredible mercy and kindness. Plus, praise (boasting about God) develops your personal character. Focusing on His undeserved grace is an exercise of gratitude. Thankfulness is healthy boasting.

If you boast about yourself, you draw attention to yourself. You want others to notice you and validate you. And you want to complete yourself. This is unhealthy boasting.

Only God validates you. He completes you. So, focus on Him and draw attention to Him. As you sincerely praise Him, you will find yourself validated, completed, encouraged. You were created to boast like this.

Good Questions

How can you engage godly boasting in your life? How can you boast about Jesus’ unbelievable love? What creative ways can you use to draw attention to the cross of Christ? Will you share your secret of personal validation with someone else who needs validation? God validates His children. But some have never heard about Him. Will you help tell them?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what “people” you come from. Or your culture. The Scriptures include Jew and Gentile in salvation. God is not concerned with your genealogy. He is interested in connecting with you and sharing His righteousness with you – lavishly. God wants YOU, not your performance.


It’s time to boast about our amazing God. Talk about the joys of knowing the delightful person, Jesus. Praise Him. Draw attention to His greatness. Paint a picture for others to be curious, interested, and desire the Lord. Use the natural power of boasting correctly.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Ps. 34:8)

Article developed from Rom. 3:27-31; 1 Cor. 1:31; 2 Cor. 10:17; Gal. 6:14.


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