PREFACE I am republishing this article from last year at the request of people who read it then. I sat in this same garden this morning with my Bible opened to a different passage. Note the heading title in this picture from last year. Hebrews. I was developing the book, Shadows of Things to Come. That book has been published and printed with encouraging words about living in the shadows of life.

This garden is connected to much of my work. And the message of this article from last year had so touched my heart. Perhaps it will touch your heart, too. God bless you as you read about “the droplet!”


This week, early on a cool, quiet morning, I was having my quiet time with the Lord on my front porch. It rained the night before. Everything was fresh.

With a mug of coffee, my Bible, and pen jotting in my journal – I noticed something in my peripheral vision. Plants in the garden were “moving.” Every few minutes, ever-so slightly. Yet, enough to catch my attention. Not the steady, tender sway from the slight breeze.

What was causing the movement?


Crystal-clear, pregnant droplets of rain were gracefully falling from plant leaves to soak into the ground below. As a drop let go of a leaf, that action caused the leaf to bob and sway. Then the leaf slowly returned to its normal rhythm in the gentle breeze.

One droplet in particular caught my eye. It was ready to gently let go and make its downward journey. But it didn’t. It lingered. For a very long time. As I read my Bible, I kept looking at that beautiful, clear, gem of water. Any second.

Opposing my expectations, it made a journey – trailing the leaf horizon. Not a natural path. How much easier to simply let go and softly drop. Through its journey along the edge, it barely clung, overcoming the inevitable fall as the breeze teased the leaf. Any time. Surely, a release.

That pristine droplet seemed to have a “will” about its direction. Defying gravity with a mind of its own. Meanwhile, beautiful clear droplets fell from other leaves, as expected, in various parts of the garden. I was fascinated by this unusual phenomenon.

My quiet time ended with the droplet still lingering . . . clinging . . . waiting . . . deliberately not dropping. And I realized how similar this garden event is to our current world situation.

There is noticeable movement around the globe. Not pretty movement like the scene in my garden. Events catch our peripheral vision as we pour into daily lives. Terrorist groups. Horrific accidents. Storms that taunt and wreak havoc. Earthquakes that hungrily swallow. Somehow, we continue normal lives despite looming reports – unless we are victimized in an event. Then we grieve and try to rebuild lives.

Jesus said He is coming back to earth one day. Centuries before His first visit, He made a similar promise to come. When the time was right, He gently dropped into the human race as a babe in a manger. What He did during His lifetime changed everything! He lived along the edge of human issues, addressing them from God’s perspective – not the natural path. Then His cross connected humanity back to God, for anyone who will believe on Jesus. He ascended to the Father, saying He was going to prepare a place for you – “and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to that place so we can be together.” (Jn. 14:3) Strong hint another visit is imminent.

Apparently, the time isn’t quite right for His second coming – though the earth, its people, geography, and governments are writhing. When will He return? Jesus predicted – “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars . . . there will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences . . . fearful events and great signs from Heaven.” (Mt. 24:6; Mk. 13:7; Lk 21:11)

It appears the “crystal-clear, pure, life-giving Droplet” is taking an unsuspecting path down the leaf edge of time. Not predictable. Defying human logic. A mind of His own. Waiting . . . lingering . . . holding out. But at just the right moment, like a thief in the night (1 Thess. 5:2), He will quietly and definitively let go of the place He has fastened Himself to (not willing that anyone should perish – 2 Pet. 3:9) and descend in brilliant glory and power into our unsuspecting, scheduled lives. Clocks will be irrelevant. Responsibilities will fall off people’s radar. Everything will completely change.

I never saw the droplet fall. The events of my day called. Responsibilities. Ticking clock. My focus shifted. Yet that little droplet became a reminder – a picture in my memory. I’m sure – when the time was right – it quietly let go of the leaf and made its descent to the unsuspecting ground. And I missed it!

If you haven’t trusted Jesus as your Savior and Lord already, I pray you will. Don’t miss His second visit to earth. Be ready. Jesus will return!

Eternal things will be decided at that visit.

Everything will change.

Are you living your life on God’s edge? Have you adopted God’s perspective for your daily details and issues? Will you walk with Him on His super-natural path?


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