What happens if a person keeps on deliberately sinning? What do you do with that? What does God do with that?

It doesn’t do any good to answer those questions without first answering another question: Why do you keep on sinning? You need to wrestle with this first because it exposes your heart and motives. God is more concerned about those than a perfect performance record.

So, why DO you keep on sinning?

  1. Perhaps you just realized what you have been doing is actually sin, and you are just now identifying how to change.
  2. You may have been entrenched in a sinful habit for years . . . even decades, and your default response just kicks in.
  3. It could be you have a focus issue OR are over-committed, and practiced behavior rises before you remember critical steps needed to develop new behavior.
  4. You have lost hope and you just don’t care anymore.
  5. Maybe you really like the sinful behavior and are fighting a battle with your will to give it up. But you keep trying.
  6. You want what you want more than you want God and what He wants.
  7. Sadly, you may have a hard heart – and simply don’t care what God says. You are going to live your life your way. Period.

Of these 7 reasons, #1-5 are not as serious. Scripture teaches that no one is perfect except Jesus. Everyone needs a Savior. For those persons who humble themselves to keep confessing their sins and repenting with sincere sorrow for making God sad – there is forgiveness. That’s why Jesus died and rose. His blood covers all sin. NEVER should this be used as a cheap excuse to keep on sinning. Part of sincere repentance is committing to implement changed behavior that pleases God.

It’s #6 and #7 that are concerning. They reveal a deeply self-focused heart – a stone hard heart that basically says, “I don’t care that I sin or that Jesus died for me!”

If you are person #6 or #7, you don’t get forgiveness. Why? Not because God has not gone to the extreme to provide it. But because you don’t want the costly provision.

There is no other provision. God’s great sacrifice isn’t good enough for you.

  • You side-step the only path to freedom.
  • You “flag on” the only boat left to rescue you off a stranded island.
  • You push away the hand that reaches for you as you dangle from a cliff.
  • You knock away the glass of cool water even while you are dying of thirst.
  • You insult God’s Spirit of grace.

It’s not on God. It’s on you!

You need to ask yourself a couple more good questions:

  • Why would you do this?
  • Why don’t you value that someone loves you enough to take your punishment and set you free?
  • What has happened to your conscience that lets you desecrate the blood of Jesus and disregard the love and compassion of God?
  • Has it occurred to you that these decisions enable you to trample on the Son of God?

Pretty serious questions. If you are Person #6 or #7, please earnestly think about these. Perhaps you don’t value and love yourself nearly as much as God does. Ask God to change your heart. He loves you and wants to help you! Yet, He has a kind and gentle heart, so He will not force Himself on you. He honors the free will He created you with. You have to want to change. You have to want to stop being a #6 or #7. Get in the #1-5 group!

If you are Person #1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 – don’t give up. Keep partnering with God for transformation. Don’t let failures keep you from getting up again and running in God’s grace for your reward.

Article developed from Heb. 10:26-31.


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