I’m guessing you fit somewhere in this list: parent, a business person, an educator, a politician, a scientist, a medical professional, a musician or artist, a clerk or shop caretaker, a writer, a childcare specialist, a building/grounds caretaker, an athlete or trainer. Whatever your role or profession, you know it’s critical to keep your wits about you, to think clearly, and to make good leadership decisions.

You make important decisions every day. Often, your job or another person’s health/safety depends on good decisions. You need to be on your game. You need to stay clear of anything that skews your judgment, clouds your understanding, or gains control over you. You need to avoid the impairing influence of any person or substance that will compromise your skills to observe, trouble-shoot, problem-solve, or address an emergency. Your work is important even though you may not see your contribution. It’s vital to keep your head in all situations you have influence over.

As you apply yourself to your role, your job, your community, the world – you have opportunity to invest energy and time helping others who need assistance, those without a voice, some who are destitute, persons whose rights are disregarded. These scenarios are all around you. Every day. Perhaps it’s a business associate, a class mate, a team partner, a child, a hurting individual, a co-worker.

What can you do to help people? To step in so a bully doesn’t “control?” To promote justice? To defend a poor person or help a needy soul? How can you side-step addictive behaviors in you or others that prevent building a better community? A healthier world?

A simple starting point – “keep your head in all situations.” This means making critical decisions each day. If you commit to affect lives on practical levels, needed change takes hold . . . bit by bit. Of course, your influence has human limitations. You need someone with much more influence, with excellent problem-solving skills, with wisdom, and with a kind heart who will guide you and bless your efforts.

I want to suggest asking the Lord to guide, bless, and affect the world through your life. I also want to suggest asking Him to do above and beyond what you can accomplish. To comfort and heal. To step in with provision. To intervene with helpful options. You need God’s help as you do what you can.

Your problems and your community’s problems are real. Complicated. Maybe even messy. Our world needs stable people to care about a bigger circle than their immediate one. The world needs others to speak up and do something. Ask God to show you what you can do. He hears and cares.

Yes – in your little corner – do what will make God’s Kingdom tangible. God is looking for people who will “flesh out” His kindness and love.

Your “bit” matters. Don’t let the “bigness” of issues paralyze your personal involvement. Do something, starting with prayer. Then – “keep your head in all situations . . .” (2 Tim. 4:5) – and respond. God gives people critical, eternal work that starts now, in this life. You may think your part is small and insignificant. God has a better perspective. Your bit would be missed. There would be a hole in the plan. . . a hole in the very shape you can fill.

Let the kindness of God enable you to make a difference. Your life matters.

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