Pushing back the curtain, my eyes struggled to focus in the flood of brightness. Gradually adjusting, I saw a story book scene covered in a blanket of freeze. It was breath-taking. Very still. Untouched. No snow falling. Just morning moments frozen in time.

A misty steam lifted from objects as the sun brushed across them. Trees wore perfect-fitting ice gloves. Every tiny twig was transparently encased. Long, slender pine needles were hugged by individual translucent sleeves. Everything hung in united beauty and silence.

Near the street lamp pole – illuminating vertically from it, was a living brilliance. Something was literally dancing in the air. Tiny shimmering diamonds. Stirring pixy dust. Like shaking up a snow globe and watching sparkles lightly float. But nobody shook up anything. These tiny gems were just there. Crystals in the air. No precipitation. Just frozen, invisible particles suspended, moving with delicious joy – their secret existence exposed. Apparently, this performance was happening everywhere outside, only betrayed in the slice of atmosphere the sun pierced at a certain angle. I couldn’t stop gazing.

As the sun crept toward day-time glory, the sparkling phenomenon also inched from the pole. In that illuminated slice between the pole and my window – glittering, frozen jewels vibrated with magic right up to the glass I was transfixed behind.

Immediately, my heart slipped into wonder and worship. This is what is going on right now in the world even though I can’t see it. All very near. Very real. Very present. In those short minutes, I was gifted a peek into current events of the physical world – not normally perceived. Imagine what might be going on in the spiritual world!

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” (Mt. 10:7) Some translations say, “The Kingdom of Heaven has come near.” Very near. Very real. Very present. All around you. You can see it under rare conditions when a porthole between the seen and unseen world opens. Then it’s gone. The rest of the time, you live in it by faith. When you get peeks, they are treasured moments. Real memories. Precious experiences.

Nevertheless, reality is not defined by your senses, experiences, or deductions. Reality is defined by God. And His magic touches your life all the time, even in your sorrows. Live in His beautiful grace courageously. For those tiny peeks at extraordinary gems suspended in air from another reality – things you normally can’t see, rejoice! They help you remember your eternal existence. If you have trusted Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life, it has already begun. And it is coming in fullness. Every day, for eternity, you will live in wonder, joy, amazement, continual discovery, fellowship, extraordinary experiences, and . . . best of all – in God’s unfathomable grace. You will see God! (Mt. 5:8)

Occasionally, God has allowed a few to enter that world. Some have written about it . . . like Paul in 2 Cor. 12. He talks about a man who went into the seventh heaven and couldn’t find words to describe what God allowed him to experience. He tried. Just like I tried to use words in this blog. My description, though labored over, falls so short of what I experienced at my window this morning. It was magic. God’s magic. Very near. Very real. Very present.

Child of God, draw close to God today in your heart. Live now in your future by faith! (Jas. 4:8; 1 Pet. 3:15)

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