How do you increase your faith when you realize you don’t seem to have enough? How do you dare to leap from where you are to where you need to be?

Apparently, it is impossible to please God without faith! (Heb. 11:6) In other words, there is no other way you can please God and build a meaningful relationship with Him without faith.

Magical Ingredient blog article presented faith as essential to your life. Honestly, this article needs to be taken one step deeper.

What happens if you don’t think you have any of that magical ingredient – faith? You know . . . when you realize that without faith, you lose in life and you don’t please God? That’s a real bummer. What do you do to increase your faith?

Maybe ask why you think you don’t have faith:

  • Perhaps you don’t understand how it works.
  • You are unfamiliar with its properties.
  • Maybe you don’t think you can afford faith. You may lose everything if you use it. Or it could be a waste of your life.
  • Perhaps you misused it on a previous occasion and vowed to never use faith again.
  • Maybe someone warned you not to ever invest faith in God because it just isn’t real.

Whatever the reason your supply of faith is depleted, you need to hear some truth:

  • Faith really does work.
  • It has powerful properties.
  • It is both free – and will cost you everything.
  • Faith is only misused if it is not used as Scripture intended.
  • And the person(s) who may have told you faith in God is bogus – didn’t have the real thing.

The truth about faith is this: you are already oozing with it! You cannot be human without faith. God’s template for a human person puts faith in the most central place of your design. God intended that you be intimately connected to Him in every layer of your life.

  • He made you with needs because He intends to meet them.
  • He made you to lack wisdom because He intends to give you wisdom.
  • He made you limited so you would turn to His unlimited supply of love and resources.
  • God’s template made you fragile to find your strength in Him.
  • God completes you.

All this only happens when you choose to trust Him. Trust is faith. Trust can be misplaced. Your trust is never misplaced when it is used as it was intended. If trust is part of the design, you need to use it!

God is a Friend to you. Yet, He is also a King – in full control of this rocking, reeling, broken world. If you don’t believe God is doing a good job at this – you would quickly lose your opinion that He is not able to hold things together if He were to suddenly NOT! God is amazingly able to take the blunders and sin of people – and still bring about good. He is the only being worthy of full trust.

To address any doubts about Him – my best suggestion is to take a leap of faith. Just choose to believe. It is a choice. Not logic. Not feelings. It’s a decision of your will.

  • Your mind will not understand.
  • Your heart cannot process.
  • Your motives can’t sort through.
  • Your experience isn’t enough.
  • Your abilities aren’t adequate.

How do you explain that the greatest King there has ever been wants to be your Friend?! Stop wrestling. Don’t make sense of it. Pause. Be still. Cease striving. Leap. Hang onto God with all your heart. THIS is faith.

If, on the other hand, you choose to doubt or walk away, you must grapple with the reality that God is not going to go away.

The very least you can do is “pay homage” to this great King who wants to be your dearest Friend. Join the “greats” (Melchizedek and Abraham) and give Him 1/10 of all you have and are. Better yet, give Him 100 %.

The people of the centuries of this world who have done this have found their faith.

They also found their design, their purpose, their heart.

They found God.

Article developed from Heb. 7:1-10.


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