Do you ever feel like Abraham – not knowing what’s happening or where you are headed, wishing things could be different, even as you are trusting the Lord? Do you ever wonder how he and Sarah might have felt?

Abraham was a wealthy man. He was settled in life. Great community. Good living. He was successful. But he didn’t have a family with children, and he longed for that kind of family. His wife, Sarah, was his joy, but their family was only him and her. That was it! The two of them – a family.

Abraham also did not really know God in the beginning. He was certainly open to know Him. Very open, indeed. When God approached Abraham and said, “Follow Me,” Abraham followed. God said, “I’m going to take you to a place you do not know. We are going on a life adventure.” Over the years of his life, Abraham made many discoveries about life and about God. Here are some of them. Perhaps you have discovered some of these very same things.

  • Abraham had nothing to boast about outside of God. Nothing he had worked for could gain him a relationship with God and a righteous life. “Works” just doesn’t win God’s favor.
  • The critical element in living a godly life is believing the God who can do anything. And, of course actions prove you believe something. Not words, and not works. Total buy-in on what God says is proved by what you do from your heart. Would you do anything for God if He asked it?
  • Faith in the work of Christ credits you with righteousness. (Jas.2:23) This brings purpose.
  • It is possible to be God’s friend. (Jas. 2:21-23) Just think about that for a bit. Have you ever wondered how to possibly be a good friend to God? It’s almost unfathomable. Yet, friendship is what He invites you into. “I no longer call you servants. Instead, I call you friends.” (Jn. 15:15)
  • God is not obligated to any person in any way. His life, presence, blessings, grace, work of salvation – all are undeserved gifts, unable to be earned. He is the giver of good gifts. (Jas. 1:17)
  • Being forgiven is a most precious gift. To not have your sins count against you and to have a blank slate – a new, fresh start – is unthinkable. Yet, it is the new reality Jesus makes possible. Not only can you be forgiven. The shame gets wiped away. Gone! Free! Joy! Friends!

Seeking out the purpose of life is very human. Yearning for adventure along the way is how God made you. Desiring “something more” is the right and natural passion God put inside you. It was intended that you would have daily, delightful discovery about God and His blessings. His promises were given to carry you though every life chapter. He provides aid, wisdom, protection, perspective, strength, as well as His own dear presence. Your very best position in life is to be utterly dependent on Him for every detail. God wants to bless you, fulfill you, and inspire you. All of this smacks of great adventure . . . and a God who loves you very much.

Why not jump into it with both feet? Why not start to discover how much adventure He has for you? He will not leave you when you go through a heartache. You won’t be on your own when you have to untangle life events. Even in desperate, tragic places, He lines your pathway with His love. He is poised to fly into action – for you! (Is. 65:24)

Join the greats like Abraham. Pull up roots and just go with God. Trust Him deeply and completely. If you do this, you will also be called God’s friend. Don’t you want to experience as much as you can while you are alive? How amazing and satisfying that God, Himself, has promised adventure and friendship in your life. He knows the losses, disappointments, suffering, and sorrow you endure. Maybe it’s time to make a strategic move into adventure and friendship with God.


Article developed from Romans 4:1-8.


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