This morning, I was thinking about something I don’t often. Foundations. I suppose engineers think a lot more about them. Apparently, the right foundation is everything. From your home to your fence to your raised flower beds, your career, your relationships, your health, your inner heart. Actually, your entire life structure needs a solid foundation.

What you build life on is important. What you build with is equally important. We are familiar with this fact in the tangible, physical world. Yet, it is true in the invisible domain, too.

To be a healthy, mature believer in Jesus, you need a solid foundation. Jesus provides an unshakable foundation when you trust Him for salvation. That is only the beginning. You build on that foundation every day. A wise life builder will seriously select key life building stones.

Every life venture lands squarely on these life building stones:

  1. Worship
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Faith
  4. Obedience
  5. Rest

WORSHIP: Worship takes place in every person’s life. Whatever you cherish, adore, prioritize, go after, suffer for, invest in, hold most dear, etc. – is what you worship. Choosing to worship God, only, crushes your idols. It declares there is no other person, experience, or thing you hold higher than God. You determine with intellect and heart to cherish God above everything else.

THANKSGIVING: A thankful heart establishes a healthy perspective despite challenges or terrible blows. Gratitude crushes self-centeredness because it focuses on blessings, the big picture, and reality. It focuses on God. A thankful heart also opens doors to godly character qualities. Almost every worthwhile character flows from gratitude. (Perhaps that is why ingratitude is a huge offense to God.) For example, alertness becomes a strength when you focus on good things and the beauty that is around you at all times. Those things don’t just disappear because you may be struggling or suffering. They are still present, and alertness helps you see them and praise God.

FAITH: To demolish the enemy’s lies and dysfunctional cycles of thinking, resolve to trust God. Faith connects you to His power, which means promises fulfilled. Claiming a promise and waiting on God in your current situation enables you to “plug into God.” He honors even tiny faith. “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.” Is. 65:24.

OBEDIENCE: Prove you love God first and most. “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” (Jn. 14:15) Obeying God cements His character and godly patterns in your daily life. Entrench yourself in God. That simple choice builds the right things into your character. What you practice is what you become. Obedience also gives you a deep satisfaction. So, how satisfying do you think it is to know you deeply pleased the God of the universe and proved you are His friend? Pretty, I think. If that’s what you are aiming for.

REST: “Rest in the Lord. Wait patiently for Him.” (Ps. 37:7) Resting in God proves you trust Him and His timing. God created you to need rest – every night and every seventh day. You can live 24/7 in constant rest in your heart. Worry kills rest. “Do not fret. It only leads to evil.” (Ps. 37:8) So, stay well-rested and refreshed. Renew your strength. (Is. 40:31) Actively wait with eager expectation. So much living happens right in that place.

What life building stones are you laying on your life foundation?


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