Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Fill Your Life Jar

How do you fill your life jar with the right rocks in the right order? There are principles and action steps that help you live more effectively. You have a loving Parent who will train you. Your jar matters!

One of my favorite verses is “Here am I, and the children God has given me.” (Heb.2:13b) Jesus says this about you! He gives Himself to you as a loving Parent. He wants you in His family . . . a humbling reality and comforting thought.

Jesus stands before God and says to Him (as He stands beside you) “Here am I, and the child You have given me.” And He’s proud of who He created you to be!

God loves you so much that He put on flesh and blood – because you wear it. God became a human through Jesus so He could help you better understand all He intends to do for His children. For you. During His life on earth, Jesus began filling your life jar with incredible blessings. He started with the big rocks first. He eliminated some things and replaced them with other things to put in your life jar:

  • Conquered death and gives you eternal life
  • Overpowered the devil and gives you Himself
  • Ended slavery to sin and set you free forever
  • Overcame fear and gives you courage

Then Jesus adds all the middle-sized rocks. He addresses terrible conditions on your behalf with answers you can apply each day:

  • Hope in depression
  • Companionship instead of loneliness
  • Healing for your sicknesses
  • Direction in hardships
  • Wisdom instead of bad decisions
  • Power to overcome debilitating habits and patterns
  • Encouragement and acceptance in broken relationships

Jesus has on-going interest in the little rocks of your life. He wants to add as many blessings as will fit into your life jar. He intends to fill the rest of the space in your life jar with help in daily challenges – like:

  • Finding lost car keys
  • Being able to pay medical bills
  • Reworking your budget and helping address shortage of finances
  • Providing miraculously an item you need
  • Redeeming a ruined opportunity

All these rocks (big, middle-sized, and little) Jesus keeps filling your life jar with. In the cracks between the rocks, He gives a divine cushion of sand: peace, joy, intervention, comfort, hope, and so much more.

And just like any loving parent would, He gives His help in the face of the bullies that are making your life tough! Apparently, He doesn’t do these kinds of things for His mighty angels of staggering beauty and holiness. (Check out the Scripture these ideas come from – below.) No – All this is for His kids. For you.

Because He is human like you, Jesus has very intimate exposure to your sufferings, challenges, and losses. He identifies with you through first-hand experience. In every way, He is like you – except He is without sin. Human to the very middle! God to the very middle!

So, He – above every other person – understands and practices mercy. He understands and practices faithfulness. And, because He is the Lord of all power, He does something about the plights of His children. Jesus serves the interests of His Father on behalf of His children.

Jesus is your loving, wise, strong, committed, sacrificing, bully-smashing Parent. He is also your High Priest. Having suffered for the removal of your sins, He is also your Sacrifice. Enduring temptations of all kinds . . . like you do, He is your Mentor. Caring deeply for you as a unique, one-of-a-kind person, Jesus is your Companion and Friend. All of this – to help you!

Many people don’t believe these things about Jesus. They don’t want His help. They doubt God’s heart toward them. They want their own way . . . no parental intervention, please!!

Do you want a relationship with a Parent who will help you get all the right rocks in the right order in your life jar? If you are a parent, do you commit to teaching your children how to fill their life jar in a way that pleases God?

(Developed from Heb. 2:13-18)


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