The end of one year morphs into a new one by the simple passing of days. Days slip by all year, but when days end one thing and begin another, they are noteworthy.


Your life is a line, not a dot. You have segments of time to your line, spaces between 2 dots of time. Segments of time are:

  • Seasons
  • Months
  • Weeks
  • Days
  • Minutes.

You are living between 2 dots right now – a special week sandwiched between Christmas and the New Year. It’s significant. It ends one year and begins another. You need a whole new calendar! In this critical week, I encourage you to be thoughtful about 7 things:

  1. Go into the New Year . . . not with resolutions, but rather with resolve.
  2. Make a “life response” to Jesus. Dedicate yourself to God’s purposes. This will shape every day in this next year.
  3. Implement the concept of “your right hand.” Your right hand symbolizes your abilities, strengths, and power. God promises to put His right hand on your right hand, giving you the protection and resources you lack on your own – so you can live well all year. Picture God putting His right hand on yours. (Read Is. 41: 9-11 and 13-14 about the right hand.)
  4. Keep identifying your life purpose and design. As you learn more each day, live your special, one-and-only life with passion.
  5. Your Prince, Jesus, promises to bring 2 “P’s” into every day: peace and power. (A prince is someone who is the leading figure in something. Jesus is an expert in peace and power.)
  6. The title “Extraordinary Strategist” describes your God. He is able to do anything and has no limits. Live in His power. Stay hidden with Christ in God. This is done by faith, alone. (Col. 3:3) Go there. Stay there.
  7. The entire year gives you only 365 short strokes. You do many more steps than 365 in a day. A year is only 365 strokes in your life. Live them intentionally, with passion, with purpose.

A line is a progression of an infinite number of dots. Those dots side by side – those moments – form your life. Yes, live for the line, not the dot. But without the dots, you have no line! The only way to have an intentional line is to have intentional dots. Live each dot, each moment of your life, intentionally – in fullness, with passion, and under the guidance of Jesus.

God bless you as you intentionally live a life that honors Jesus Christ. He will lead you through every issue you encounter in this New Year. Get stubborn about things that matter forever: Determine to trust God. Resolve to obey Him. Practice gratitude. Stretch yourself to become all He created you to be.

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