There is a magical ingredient that changes everything when you throw it into the mix of your life. It makes the dough rise, fills out the flavor, defines the recipe of a day. It raises options in issues, kneads out a problem, sweetens the sorrow, and serves up mercy.

This one item, alone, makes promises from Scripture turn into reality. It increases rest in your mind, body, emotions, heart, and soul. This magical ingredient makes the rubber of your life hug the road God has you on.

Without this one thing, everything you hear that might change your life is just another theory. All those self-help tactics are of no value to you long-term without this ingredient because – without it – you are just going through the motions. Temporary. Shallow. Powerless. Empty shell.

Centuries have whispered about this one secret ingredient – but many chose to disregard it. They preferred:

  • Their own approach and ideas.
  • Their own systems.
  • The latest “self-help” tactics.
  • The greatest current “read” on the subject.
  • When those failed, they tried every other approach they could get their hands on.

Many found valuable add-ons, but without the one ingredient, those add-ons were ineffective. Still lacking. Temporary. No depth. No long-term results. Flat.

Perhaps you have been in this troubling place. Perhaps you are there now. Life feels like a meaningless maze. Treadmill. Daily grind. Drudgery. Someone or something has squeezed every drop of rich aroma and flavor out of your existence.

In this place, inner discouragement and disappointment mounts. Peace fades away. Hope slips into fantasy as the new norm.

People yearn for the long-lasting stuff. The richness that grows under your feet. The power that fills your heart and lungs and cells with energy to drive a line in life and bring purpose. People want to live in 3-D!

However, because that critical magical ingredient is set aside, you never discover who you really are. You don’t accomplish all you were intended to. And you don’t learn how to “enter rest” in your daily living. Simply said – you miss the essence of your design. And you miss God.

Add that one magical ingredient back into the mix, and life immediately flips from the impossible to the possible. (Mt. 19:26) Subtly, you surrender into rest. Something bigger, greater, fuller, stable begins to saturate every tentative, broken, loose end of your existence.

I know some of you couldn’t wait, and you already scrolled down to peak at the answer. For the rest of you – the critical, magical ingredient is faith in God. Not just believing He exists. Not just acknowledging a greater Being out there. No, rather the kind of faith that connects your little beating heart to His great throbbing heart till you sense the flow of His life surging into your soul. The kind of faith that literally lifts you back up to your feet in the throne room of God. The kind of faith that propels you back into your troubles, sorrows, and overwhelming challenges with pregnant hope and growing confidence. How can this be?

When you put your faith in God for every detail, every issue, every unseen layer of your life, you finally become fully alive. You were made to live this way! The original plan intended you to live by faith. Without faith, life is gray drab.

When you begin to believe and practice the eternal words of Scripture, life begins to transform you from the inside out. Circumstances may not always change, but YOU CHANGE! You begin to live your design. You begin to know God. With this one magical ingredient, you actually frequently please God!

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Heb. 11:6)

When you hear God’s words of truth and then combine it with your own personal faith, you enter God’s rest. There is no better place to be in this broken, troubled world.

(Learn how to take a Leap of Faith when you don’t think you have enough.)

Material taken from Heb. 4:1-3


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