Do you ever wonder how you can help change the world? How can you make a difference with your fellow man in the community your life touches? How do you make a global difference in regions of the world far beyond the touch of your life? You may feel so small compared to the very massive work that must be done to tell people about Jesus – and then train them in discipleship.

Relevant and Reasonable Questions

How do you integrate your desires of a meaningful life for yourself and for others with the enormous scope of the task? Your feelings aspire for the Lord, but you don’t know how to use that energy for the job at hand. Do you wonder how to manage and engage the deep yearnings and passions that rise in your heart for God and His work? Perhaps they show up when least expected and you don’t know how to turn them into valuable assets for the Lord. How do you apply fervent prayers or tender songs in your spirit to become a driving force of partnership to fulfill the Great Commission? After all, you are 1 rather small person.

Your inner reflections and desires are important. In fact, God gave them to you. But if you experience them only inside you, they have little effect in growing God’s Kingdom. They can be devotional for you – and that increases His Kingdom inside your life. Yet, it does nothing for anyone else. How can your tiny dot of a life affect a huge globe?

God is all about building up and edifying His Kingdom – in you, in others, in the daily events of the world. The model prayer Jesus used to teach His disciples to pray starts with, “Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” And it ends with, ”For Yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.”

God cares deeply for you. For all His children. For a lost and desperate world. He sacrificed Himself for all people across all centuries. He wants to build up and edify His people. But He wants you to be part of that process.

This is where the above questions come in regarding your desires. God wants you to share His life with others. To do this well, you need to apply your mind and creativity in practical ways:

  • Start defining your individual skill sets, strengths, and available resources.
  • Explore creative ways to employ those blessings in your church, your community, and the world. This may mean connecting with global organizations that have network reach around the world. Talk with these groups.
  • Explore how your unique resources and life can connect to touch other lives in practical ways.
  • Define how you can implement your resources and skills.
  • Look at your calendar to see how and where you can devote time to partner with organizations that are getting the job done.
  • Pray! The Lord has promised to answer and guide you as you ask and trust Him.
  • Claim Scriptures the Lord lays on your heart to apply to this process.
  • Be willing to step outside your comfort zone and do things that may feel scary.
  • Remain in humble worship every day no matter how great or tiny your part may be.

These actions require you to use your mind. It takes work. Energy. Creativity. Expression. You need your mind filled with God’s thoughts to bring direction and balance to your good intentions. Keep fear and pride out!

As you creatively plan and then partner with others to bring positive momentum, you become a lifeline to others – building up and edifying others around the globe. You start to make a global difference.


Flesh out your devotion to God. Partner with Him, creatively using your spirit and mind together to make a global difference.

P.S. Billion.Global is an organized effort to reach a billion people on the globe with good news about Jesus in the next 10 years. If you want to explore your part in this global reach – check it out. Intentional Living is so impressed with this vision, we became a partner with Billion.Global.


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