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More About e-Pistles For An i-Generation


This excerpt is right out of my new release – E-pistles For An i-Generation – from the very front of the book. I thought you’d enjoy it.


A Note from the Author

You may not have thought this, but I did. I used to think Paul is a bit weird. I didn’t understand what he is getting at. He seems to talk in circles. What I didn’t realize is how logical and authentic he is. His epistles are compelling – almost addictive in some unique way. I stayed in them, studying them for decades. Soon, I found the letters to be riveting. They captured my full attention and made me a believer in God’s incredible grace messages. I began to see Paul as a very regular man. Yet, he is also exceedingly honest, overflowing with compassion, and zealously committed to Christ. I started to want to be a bit more like this unusual man, patterning my life after Christ to the extreme.

Paul’s letters to the Corinthians are very engaging and even stunning. He writes in a unique style. Sometimes he is hard to decipher. Yet, the ideas he interacts with were etched in time before creation, and they reach into the farthest corners of the future. It really is a virtual library he is trying to capture on paper. Paul writes to engage the inner person at a deeper level than “how was your coffee this morning?” He wants you to think, to wrestle, to even struggle as you consider God’s claims and how they impact your life – in fact, how they impact this i-generation.

Join Me For E-pistles

Why not jump into his e-pistles with me, using this book as a guide? It’s an adventure to find out how God wants to train you and empower your life for His purposes in the i-generation. I’m convinced you will not be the same person when you complete this study. Jesus has called you to be His special letter – His e-pistle – to this i-generation you are part of. The i-generation is using all kinds of technology, surfing the internet, traveling the globe, grabbing up bytes of data that might be relevant, and seeking experiences to help make life meaningful. They want life to matter.

God wants your life to matter. You are one-of-a-kind. He trains you how to live in meaningful patterns every day. God loves you deeply, and He wants to share secrets from His heart with you. He created you in His own image with purpose to influence your culture. Your etching, your carving, your mark on history, tiny as it may seem, matters. To write a meaningful letter with your life, you need to live intentionally. Why not explore your calling, your opportunity, and your privilege to be one of His e-pistles to an i-generation?

As you use this study book, I pray you will be challenged, encouraged, and empowered as you study bytes of truth from God’s heart. Ask God’s Spirit to enable you to integrate His truth effectively into your daily living. Ask Him to empower your choices as you trust and obey. May you have wisdom to strategically interface His message using the technology of your generation. And finally, may you find yourself enriched in your own personal development. Then reach to the global community you engage every day through devices and technology. It’s time for people to remember that God loves them. It starts with you. God loves you. He has written letters to tell you.

Our Promise to You

Intentional Living is committed to help you grow in your walk with God. We promise to equip the Jesus’ follower who wants more in order to practically live out God’s Word each day.




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