“Belonging” is one of the greatest human needs. God created you and the need to belong – with intentions of being the Source to meet your need for family. It starts way back.

God made you for Himself. He loves you deeply.

  • He knew from Day 1 that you would sin, along with everyone else.
  • He knew the penalty for disobeying God is eternal death.
  • He didn’t want that for you.
  • So, before He created anything, He developed an inconceivable plan.
  • Then He put that plan into motion.

Introducing The Plan

God, who is not contained by time and space, devised an ingenious way to become a human person. When the time was right, He slipped into the human race in a manger one dark night and became the God-Man: Jesus. Very much like a super hero. But He was also super regular. Like you. Like me.

His intentions? Well – you! He loves you! He decided to prove He loves you.

How The God-Man Carried Out The Plan

  • What Jesus did next is so rich. So unthinkable. He carried out the plan by putting His life on the line. Took the punishment for sin. Offered His life in exchange for yours. Took your place. Suffered the required condemnation of death for disobeying God. Then He rose from the dead 3 days after being executed. This is the work of an amazing super hero, doing the impossible. Fighting for God’s children.
  • Since Jesus paid for your sins, you can be back in His family. A child of the Father. Since God is Jesus’ Father – that makes Jesus your big Brother. He is also the crown Prince who will rule God’s government forever. For now – Jesus, the God-Man, is pulling for you (His sibling) every day. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, He is not ashamed to be identified with you. You are family.
  • Do you realize Jesus will remain human forever? Emmanuel means “God With Us.” God With You! God in human flesh. Remember that when you feel alone.
  • There was a day in the Heavens when Jesus totally stood up for you before God the Father. Here’s how that happened:
    • Jesus entered the real temple in the invisible realm.
    • He walked into the inner sanctuary, went right up to the altar – boldly.
    • But He didn’t stop with that.
    • He took the container He was carrying – holding His own life blood in it – and
    • He boldly set it on the holy, sacred altar.
    • He was saying,

“Father – it is finished! This takes care of the sin problem. I paid the ransom for all My brothers and sisters. Please cancel the debt against them. Our children are free again to choose to come back into our family – if they believe I AM the God-Man. I AM proof that God loves them. This was a productive day, Father! Now, for each one who believes on Me for forgiveness and eternal life – cover them with My blood so they will be holy as We are. I have sent Our Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Counselor – to teach them how to live holy lives.”

Your Response to The Plan:

Won’t you respond to Jesus?

  • The God-Man.
  • Super Hero.
  • Savior and Redeemer who proved God’s love.
  • Your Brother.
  • Your Friend.

God really wants you in His family. Do you want to be identified as a member of His family? If you haven’t already, why not confess your sins and invite Jesus to be your Savior and Lord?


(Read more about The Royal Family you are part of . . . coming next week.)


Article developed from Heb. 2: 11-12.

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