There’s a place where everyone lives. It’s between here and there. This passageway frames your entire existence. Starting when you were born, including all your yesterdays, where you are now, and what will fill the rest of your days – your passageway (and your response to it) defines your life.

Your passageway is a connecting bridge, and everything that happens on that bridge affects you. As you travel from your launch side to your destination, there are days – even seasons – when life seems very long and hard. You think you might not make it as you continue to cross. Both sides seem far away, and the height leaves you stranded with no escape. So, you dangle in space, suspended on your bridge – feeling very alone. You can’t imagine how life became so painful, so difficult, so undefined. How you wish something would shift for a more pleasant journey.

Other days are delightful, and you wish they could last forever. The sun warms your very soul. A delicious zephyr wind gently breathes across your life, filling your heart with sweet aroma. Each color of the rainbow that unexpectedly appeared on your horizon, imprints in your memory, and you save it for a rainy day. Your starting point and your destination become irrelevant because you are content in that sweet moment. If only every day could be like this unforgettable day.

What happens on your bridge matters. It matters to you, for sure, and to others in your life. It also matters to God – very much. Whether days are long and hard, or memorably pleasant, your perspective is critical. How you drink it in forms your approach to life, determining who you are becoming. What you pursue with your heart and mind transforms your journey, making it pleasant or not-so-much.

You are never alone on your bridge. God is always with you. Hold onto His presence, promises, and purpose as you take each next step. The Scriptures say to “fight the good fight.” (v. 12) That simply means to walk the good walk. Cross the bridge. Complete your passageway. Ask God to help as you take each step. Ask Him to teach you how to enjoy the view and be increasingly aware of His goodness even in very difficult times. If you come near to God by faith every moment, He will be ever-so-near to you. (Jas. 4:8) God will keep you free and blameless.

Talk to God often through each day. Invite His sweet presence. Drink a cup of His promises every morning. Snack on His love. Meditate on His faithfulness and goodness. These activities are facets of prayer, and prayer is a portion you bring into your relationship with God. Another portion is obeying Him because you trust Him. Practice every stroke that is pleasing to God. The Bible says these things please God: righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness. These qualities impregnate your passageway with value that lasts forever. They also multiply into voluminous hope – a hope you can’t explain, but it’s very real.

Being on my own passageway bridge, having days and seasons of delight and sorrow, I urge you even as I urge myself: stay focused on Jesus. Persevere.

The King, the Lord, the Source of all life (of your life), the unapproachable God has made Himself tangible to you in Jesus Christ. You will never find a better travel Companion.


Article developed from 1 Tim. 6:11-16.


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