The great work of a Christ follower is keeping your head and heart in the right place. Your heart is greatly influenced by what is going on in your head. The long haul of life affects how you think. Life is hard – especially when you suffer. Or when you’ve worked at things several decades with little result.

Whether things go well or terribly, as you remain in the Scriptures, your life will be affected. To be like Jesus means you will do what God would . . . in any issue.

It’s tiring work to be invested in other lives. That’s what God does – with great patience and careful instruction. So, it looks like this: He corrects, rebukes, and encourages with the other person’s best in mind. He is well-thought and well-spoken, not letting unwholesome talk or ungodly conduct come out of Him. Instead, He only says and does what will help build others up according to their needs and what will benefit them. (Eph. 4:29) It’s like my lovely granddaughter prayed recently, “Lord, help us with our needing points.

Through Christ, God gives a live picture of how a human can do what God does. Jesus kept His head in each situation, particularly when His life was being poured out for salvation. He also gave up His life every day to accomplish God’s desires. Jesus portrayed a poured out offering.



Poured Out Wine – Drink Offering

“Have you wondered about the tradition of choosing an expensive, aged bottle of wine only to throw it at the hull of a ship and watch it break and splatter all over the vessel? A pouring out to christen.


We are to be a ‘poured out offering.’ (2 Tim. 4:6; Phil. 2:17) That phrase comes from the Old Testament Levitical reference to a ‘poured out drink offering’ offered by the priests. (Gen. 35:14; Ex. 29:40-41; Lev. 23:13, 18, 37). The drink offering was literally poured out on the ground or altar. It was a ceremony that appeared to be meaningless to the uninformed. The dirt lapped up the excellent offering – and that was it. Gone. No recovery. No other use. No one enjoyed the choice drink/liquid. It was a symbolic gesture with great meaning. This valuable offering was poured out to symbolize the high value of God and the heart that was reaching back to Him.

There is a nugget of gold in this word picture. Perhaps you have done everything you know to change your situation but find yourself facing the reality that things will not shift. This could be a marriage, a family situation, a job, a health issue, etc. If so, you can choose to be a drink offering. When there is nothing left to do but accept where you are, keep your head. Focus on the fact that God loves you deeply. He is fully aware of your circumstances. He is with you, working in ways you cannot see or know. You can trust completely that He is good and faithful despite your difficulties. Submit to Him and make your life a poured out offering. With all your heart, make a statement that you believe God is in your situation with all power to sustain you, to transform you, to accomplish His good Will on your behalf.

When you pour out your life in the spirit of a drink offering, it is a depth of worship and devotion with no guarantees of visible returns. It is pouring out time, energy, love, and spirit, valued by God, Himself. It is offering your life to be a stage on which God can accomplish all He desires.

Consider: Poured out offering. The very essence of your identity and worth. What makes you, you . . . willingly poured out with no thought of the cost or waste. Amazing! When a believer is willing to be a ‘poured out offering,’ they are being a living sacrifice.” *

Do you love God? Enough to be a poured out offering for His purposes? Are you keeping your head in all situations as you pour yourself out for God’s purposes? Why not adopt His desires as your own?

* Reach Back, p. 157-160.

Article developed from 2 Tim. 4:1-8.


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