Sometimes I wonder if my prayers make a difference. Have you ever wondered that?

Whenever I find myself in that place, I do something deliberate. I have a conversation with myself – because I know questions and “wonderings” can quickly turn into other things. Things that have no place in a believer’s life:

  • Doubting God.
  • Questioning Scripture.
  • Belittling my own contribution in the world.
  • Making God sad by a lack of faith.
  • Being a stumbling block to someone else.

These are serious issues . . . dangerous places to land, even for a few minutes. So, I limit my time in these issues to “0” minutes! I don’t trust myself for any longer than that. And I certainly don’t trust my enemy. I think it is rotten that he is always looking for a way to undermine Jesus and cast doubt into a believer’s mind. So, I simply have decided to not participate.

This doesn’t mean I don’t wonder. I still ask questions. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have more questions in my older years than I did as a young adult. Yet, my questions have a bit more perspective now. Like –

  • I’m more prone to hold things with an open hand.
  • A bit quicker to accept things I “super don’t like.”
  • Sense the work of the enemy faster.
  • And – I really don’t like that his rage goes on and on through the centuries against Jesus Christ.

Here’s how that perspective looks in my mind:

My enemy – the one who – –

  • hates me completely,
  • constantly tries to deceive me,
  • takes advantage of me when I’m down,
  • bugs and irritates without end,
  • deliberately weaves hurt into my life, and etc.!

Jesus Christ – the One who – –

  • loves me perfectly,
  • always tell me the truth,
  • compassionately lifts me up when I’m down,
  • enables and encourages my spirit,
  • deliberately weaves love and intervention into my life, and etc.!

Those bullet lists help me “keep my head in all situations.” (2 Tim. 4:5a) Or at least help me work at it. And lists like that help me think Scripturally about prayer. Simple things like –

  • To pray for one another. (Ja. 5:16)
  • Pray without ceasing. (1 Thess. 5:17)
  • Pray about all things. (Phil. 4:6)
  • Pray for believers everywhere. (Jn. 17:20)
  • Prayer is relationship with God. (1 Jn. 5:20; Ps. 42:8; Heb. 5:7; Lk. 5:16)
  • Relationship with God is eternal life. (Jn. 17:3)


That list helps when I ask questions. After “visiting” my questions (and spending 0 minutes with things that morph into doubt), I intentionally move closer by faith in the safe place of God’s heart. Accepting once again – I do not see clearly. I do not understand many things. Yet, with all my heart – I desire to please God and bring joy to His great heart.

In this blog article of lists, I have a list for you now:

  • What is your prayer life like?
  • What can you do today to connect with God at a deeper level?
  • Are your thoughts purposefully filtered through Scripture?
  • Do you care what God thinks and whether you please Him?
  • How often are you turning to God in your daily life details, problems, trials, needs?
  • How often are you lifting Christian brothers and sisters in prayer?
  • Do you care about your brothers and sisters around the world?

Prayer still makes a difference. In spite of questions.

Ask questions and wonder. Just don’t cross the line of doubt as you do it. Remember: “0” minutes!

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Article developed from Heb 13.18-25.


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