This next year will be filled with many blessings, lots of challenges, and probably some losses for many people. Such a mix of experiences.

We love the blessings. We sometimes don’t mind the challenges. In fact, some of you really enjoy challenges. But most of us would like to side-step the losses.

The difficult part for most people is facing the future with all the unknown components. So often you don’t know how to prepare, what to do, how to respond, where to find the answers. Your life is filled with shadows and you don’t know how to navigate through them.

I want to tell you about my recent book. It just came back from the printer. Shadows of Things to Come. This book talks about the shadows of life that are all around you. Some shadows are good and safe. Others are not. God’s shadows are always good and eternally safe.

God gives His children shadows to live under to protect them and to give their lives meaning and hope. Shadows are meaningful because they represent something real. Sometimes you can only see a shadow and not the real thing. God’s love is artfully expressed through His provision of shadows over your life.

This book is an interactive study through Hebrews in the Bible. It takes you into the Scriptures to gather up rich encouragement and practical application about how to live in the shadows of your life. You will learn about the merciful, kind shadows of Jesus Christ that cover your soul. If you take them to heart and daily live in them, you will be joyful, grateful, and content. Eager expectation for a closer walk with God will rise in your heart as you live in the Shadows of Things to Come.

56 days is exactly 8 weeks. That is about 2 months. In this small portion of time, you can learn more about God’s extravagantly generous heart by exploring the design of His shadows that cover you. These shadows express God’s deep love for you.

Each day in this study book features a Scripture passage from Hebrews. Gradually, you go through the entire book of Hebrews and see things you may not have seen before. There is a brief inspirational thought with some teaching, lots of encouraging ideas to ponder, and an appeal to draw closer to the Lord and grow in your walk with Him. There are also journal lines for you to interact with the material. You can record your personal journey as you study and process the information.

Writing this book has changed me. I’ve grown a lot. The process of writing, designing the ideas, editing, re-editing a number of times, re-writing portions to make them more meaningful, considering the audience that will read and study this material – this affected my own walk with the Lord as I lived night and day in the concepts. So, I invite you to join me in growing in Christ Jesus by spending some time reflecting on the shadows present in our lives. The Shadows of Things to Come.

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