There are 2 focuses you can have on this globe: eternal and temporary. Everyone must address daily temporary issues (food, clothes, bills, plans, chores, etc.). Yet, eternal issues are critical. People exist somewhere on the spectrum – endless combinations – between these ideas. God cares about both focuses. The life of Christ proves it. But He “super cares” about eternal.

Where are you on the spectrum?

  • You may be in full time business and part time ministry of some sort.
  • Perhaps a part time medical professional, stay-at-home mom, and Sunday School teacher.
  • Maybe you are the president of a company and a Christian band musician on the side.
  • The Lord may have led you into full time ministry – but you must find other means to supplement temporary needs to live.

God’s economy of scales is different than the world’s. Let’s look.

The better kingdoms of this world focus on:

  1. Nutritional food.
  2. Fresh, clean water.
  3. Climate appropriate clothing.
  4. Supplies for family living.
  5. Education.
  6. Community interaction.
  7. Medical intervention.
  8. Fair representation.
  9. Equal opportunity.
  10. Freedom

In addition to these noble standards, God’s Kingdom also focuses on:

  1. Nourishment of souls from His Word.
  2. Living water.
  3. New garments to anyone who trusts Him for forgiveness of sins.
  4. Resources for all life scenarios.
  5. Wisdom and knowledge.
  6. Fellowship.
  7. Healing of the whole person.
  8. Godly representation.
  9. Never-ending opportunity.
  10. Freedom forever.

God’s cares about the eternal and temporary well-being of every person on the globe. But the world’s economy of scales is lopsided. Hard work for eternal values is not esteemed like work that addresses temporary values. The work of the heart and spirit is often undervalued – underpaid. Ministry is not well-marketable in the world.

On the spectrum, the Apostle Paul considered himself in “full time” ministry. Yet, he also raised support. And he worked a trade to make ends meet. There are full time ministry folks with Paul’s story. They raise support and labor above their ministry to “make ends meet.”

If you are one of the faithful full-time laborers, be encouraged. For Jesus’ sake, you feed people’s hearts and focus full time on care for the real person inside – even though your work may not be valued in the world. Thank you for all you do.

If you are one of God’s faithful servants not in full time ministry, be encouraged. Your daily work matters more than you know. Your contributions for Jesus fill gaps and are desperately needed in a skewed economy of scales. You actually bring eternal value back into temporary work. Thank you for all you do.

God’s invisible economy of scales is active now. It runs alongside the world’s system. The Lord, Himself, oversees it. His heart is grateful when you care for His interests. (Phil. 2:21) His joy overflows as you serve because you love Him back. Keep serving out of love for Jesus. Billions need eternal and temporary help! Emphasis on eternal.

If you are not in full time ministry, please invest portions of your resources to support those in full time ministry.

Where does God want your involvement on His spectrum for eternal and temporary?


P.S. Billion.Global is an organized effort to reach a billion people on the globe with good news about Jesus in the next 10 years. If you want to explore your place on God’s spectrum of eternal and temporary in order to help, check it out. Intentional Living is so impressed with this vision, we became a partner with Billion.Global.

P.P.S. Also check out how you can partner your unique “differentness” from your current scenario to help reach a billion.

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Article developed from 1 Cor. 9:1-18.


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