I have to admit something. My heart skips with joy when I see a child bursting with life . . . overflowing with passion . . . dancing with delight – and no apology for the display. Beauty, adventure, energy, innocence, faith, possibilities.

I have to admit something else. This same “heart skip” happens after spending time in God’s Word and something very alive and fresh lands in my soul. Nothing renews hope like Scripture. I can be weary, tired, discouraged, directionless, grieving, ready to quit. Yet, sincere time in God’s Word – eagerly expecting to hear from God – does something to renew and rebuild my heart.

One more thing I must admit – my attitude and approach affects what I receive from God’s Word. Everything I need to live my life well is in the Bible. (2 Pet. 1:3-4) It is packed with power, wisdom, and help. Whether I make these things my own is up to me. Meanwhile – God’s Word remains rock solid truth and power . . . no matter what I do.

True and exciting facts about God’s Word, the Bible: (I love these points. They help me!)

  • God’s Word bulges with beauty, adventure, energy, and possibilities.
  • It is more alive than anything on earth.
  • The Scriptures overflow with practical guidance, history, and truth.
  • Passages bubble with hope and comfort, love and joy.
  • You connect directly to God’s life when you spend time in the Word. You belong!
  • The passages expose God’s heart – filled with beauty, adventure, energy, love, and possibilities.
  • God’s Word changes the course of your life.
  • You gain discernment to help you sort, identify, and expose tangled-up life issues.
  • You get power to turn your horrifying situation to a path of peace.
  • The Bible helps you cut away unhelpful data to help you get through the muck.
  • Scripture exposes motives as It convicts of sin.
  • God’s Word marks and divides where one issue ends and another begins.
  • Thoughts and attitudes you didn’t know were present become more clear.
  • Scripture is a scalpel, a scanner, a honing device, a heat-seeking missile.
  • God’s Word is also a soothing medicine.
  • You find doors opening and closing because you begin to see options not present before.

How can one book be so helpful? It’s just one of many books on earth. Why is it so special? How can you be certain it will work for you? And how do you apply it?

Life is fast-paced, complicated, challenging, disappointing, and demanding. You need simple steps. You need fresh ideas. You need practical tips. You get these from God’s Word if you believe it and obey it. To believe and obey it, you need to be in it. You need to be in it to make sense of life’s shadows.

Think of Scripture as “God on paper. Jesus in written form.” The Bible is the power of God’s life, which explains how this book is bursting with glory. It is always moving, working, billowing. It is living and active! (Heb. 4:12) God wants to connect and share His love and power with you to help you live your life well. You will lack nothing as you spend time in your Bible, as you believe and obey it.

Nothing is hidden from God’s view. He sees and knows all. No matter how hard you try to pack something away, He knows. He sees. He cares. Deeply.

Since these things are true, it becomes critical to commit to daily choices about your Bible:

  1. Take in this living, moving, massive power from off the paper.
    • Take in the very life of Jesus. The power of God.
  2. Spend time meditating how the Scriptures can shape and sculpt your response to life.
    • This is the work of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Be vulnerable and honest as its truth laces and filters through your visible and hidden life.
    • This is your partnership with God’s Spirit.
  4. Welcome it, respect it, honor it, and thank God for His life contained in it. Then do what it says!
    • This is your work.
  5. Let its bursting life pour into your heart as you believe and obey its power.
    • This is what you can look forward to as you take in and apply “God on paper.”

Will you spend time in your Bible today? Will you come near to God? (Ja. 4:8)

This article is Day 14 in my new book going to the publisher in a couple of weeks. It is titled Shadows of Things to Come: 56 Days in the Book of Hebrews. The loving and powerful message from God to you through Hebrews is life-transforming. The focus on God’s shadows that fill your life is encouraging. The work of Jesus Christ on your behalf is touching. Stay tuned for more details.



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