Did you know that your mind-set affects everything? Big stuff. Small stuff. Short-term. And especially long-term. What has your mind-set been these days? Do you know what a superhero mindset is?

God wants you to succeed. He knows what you are up against in this life. After all, He lived here for thirty-three years. To succeed, you need to be transformed, continually. How does that happen? Scripture says by the renewing of your mind. (Rom. 12:2) So, how do you renew your mind?

First, talk sincerely with God about His Word and how it affects your mind-set. Get into nitty gritty details in those talks. Don’t hold back. He knows everything, so be honest and humble. He wants to help. God loves you very much.

Then, get serious. Spend intentional time in God’s Word. Read it. Meditate on it. Memorize it. Journal it. Claim it. Live it. Share with others.

Finally, surrender to His Word. Ask God to make it real to you and show you how to apply it. Let it affect your thinking. Commit to carry it out in details of attitude, speech, and conduct. Let it come alive.

How do you get a superhero mindset to work each day? Let’s look at Jesus when He lived on earth. He overpowered the villain, but died in the process of taking down the perpetrator. Yet, He successfully broke the power of sin by cancelling it out. Your self-sacrificing hero came back to life again, and your sin lies in a heap. Surely, Jesus has a big “S” on His shirt. He is your Sacrifice, your Savior, and your Superhero. Because He took out your villain, He is also Successful. Then He made His power instantly available for you to live in. So, add some “S” words into your life as you strive to live in the power of His Word: be sincere, get serious, and surrender to the principles of Scripture.

Having all this information about your Superhero and about your options – tell me – why would you keep resurrecting sin, giving it power, and practicing something pronounced dead? Think about this!

The problem starts when you step out of your new mind-set and settle back into the old one – picking up the sin Jesus defeated – and practicing it again. Why would you do that? That’s going backwards, and it certainly shows no gratitude and no desire to become more like Jesus.

Because Jesus paid the death penalty for all sin and took on full condemnation, you are no longer condemned if you choose Christ. He took your guilt so you are no longer considered guilty. He became sin so you could be free.

Die to sin. It’s not an option for you anymore. Set your mind here and live in this – because now, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phil. 4:13) Be vibrantly alive in Christ even as you consider yourself dead to sin. Insist on this approach. This is a superhero mind-set. And it’s yours if you take it and stay in it. But there’s even more.

When you trust Jesus for salvation and forgiveness, you are “hidden with Christ in God.” (Col. 3:3) I don’t know any safer place in the entire universe. Simultaneously, you are free from sin. Safe and free. Those realities form your new mind-set. Remaining in Christ gives you richer understanding in applying Scripture, and you make better decisions. You see helpful solutions, preventatives, and boundaries you didn’t see before. You begin to recognize danger and what is off limits. Your mind-set grows as God helps you define and adopt His Superhero mind-set. In His eyes, you are becoming a superhero.

This battle is won or lost in your mind. Make informed decisions by faith. Choose your master: sin that is technically dead – or Christ who is very much alive. It does not please God when you flip back and forth between masters. Did Jesus die in vain for you? Set your mind on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of your faith. (Heb. 12:2) What’s your move? Why not choose to think strategically like a superhero?


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