Chances are, you have not thought of yourself as a most holy place. And likely, you have not considered yourself to be a tabernacle. Yet – you are both. You Are a Tabernacle!

WORSHIP is God’s Central Design for Your Life

You were created to worship. It’s your design. You do it even when you are not aware. Everyone worships something/someone. Worshiping the living God is very intentional.

You need God’s Sanctuary – 24/7. Not a church building. Rather, God’s very life poured into yours – day and night. The tabernacle structure was God’s dwelling place among mankind. Tabernacle means “to dwell in.” There were 2 special rooms in the tabernacle: The Holy Place and The Most Holy Place. A very thick curtain hung between these rooms. Later in history, this same model was used in the temple built in Jerusalem.

The Most Holy Place of the tabernacle contained the Ark of the Covenant. The lid of this sacred box was called The Mercy Seat. On it were 2 sculpted cherubim with outstretched wings facing each other. This is where God resided.

Jesus’ death and resurrection changed this. God ripped the thick curtain between the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place from top to bottom as a symbol of His intent. He brought sanctuary into you! God tabernacles inside you now – if you trust Jesus for salvation. Your portion? To be His committed disciple:

  • surrender to Him.
  • reach for Him.
  • lean into Him in all issues.
  • trust Him against all odds.

These practices – your portion – prove the strong presence of “tabernacle” in your life. They prove you are His sanctuary.

You also have a Holy Place. This is the practical, daily domain where you live, deliberately connected with God. Candle light, show bread, and incense were represented in the Holy Place of the Tabernacle. Now Jesus is your light in this dark world. You feed your soul and mind with the Bread of Life (Scripture). You offer your heart and love to God as sweet-smelling incense. These enable you to navigate life – and share Christ’s light, bread, and aroma with a lost world. Jesus is your Holy Place – inside you.

Finally, you have a Most Holy Place. Your most private life with God. Covered by the blood of Jesus, your sacrificial Lamb, be transparent with holy God to your very core. In this sacred place, God changes, renews, and heals your inner heart as you enter and linger in worship. God’s Most Holy Place – inside you.

In practical terms, your private worship in the Most Holy Place radiates out into the Holy Place as you carry out daily duties. The Holy Place of your service then radiates into the Inner and Outer Courts of your tabernacle life. God uses you to touch others.

Blessings of Being A Tabernacle

  • Your prayers of faith are answered.
  • God’s life intimately blossoms into your own.
  • As you trust and obey, your life becomes an altar, even for others.
  • As you surrender completely, you have direct connection to God.
  • His interests, power, and holiness replace your own.
  • His glory canopies you.
  • His blood covers your sins.
  • You are changed from glory to glory.

Worship – happens inside you . . . as you live.

Have you spent time in the Most Holy Place today?



Article developed from Heb. 9:1-5. Pictures from The Tabernacle, pamphlet, Rose Publishing, 2013.

God dwells in the House of the Royal Family.



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