How To Live A Healthy Life – Scripture Dissection

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How To Live A Healthy Life - Scripture Dissection

You’ve heard it now for generations: How to live a healthy life. In fact, one of the popular “sign-offs” for emails and letters now is – “Be Well!” So, what does this mean? Truly, all over the world, you hear talk shows, podcasts, seminars, and even friends talk about being healthy:

  • Use My Plate – to help eat a balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of water – stay hydrated and promote your internal systems.
  • Stay active – keep moving with exercise, biking, jogging, tennis, golf, etc.
  • Get outside – enjoy fresh air. See the beauty of creation. Be quiet and calm. And, breathe deeply.
  • Spend time with friends – enrich and nourish your inner person.
  • Be well-read or well-listened – know what’s going on around the globe to have an accurate perspective.
  • And I add – Get into God’s Word – for key points and action steps you need to guide your life.
  • Plus – Get God’s Word into you – grow and change by doing what Scripture says. Remember, what you practice is what you become.


In conclusion, all these – and more, help you live a healthy life.

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