Learn Well – Live Well – Love Well

Alive and Active Life
Learn Well - Live Well - Love Well

As we go into today’s content . . . Learn Well – Live Well – Love Well . . . I first want to read off a list of one-liners we’ve heard over the years. They deal with the hum-drum of life:

  • Same old – same old
  • Been there – done that (bought the T-shirt)
  • Nothing new under the sun
  • Do it again – and again
  • Hummin’ right along
  • Another day – another dollar
  • Tomorrow never comes
  • Don’t hold your breath
  • Can’t trust anyone
  • Pie-crust promises
  • Where’s the beef? (that was a commercial)
  • Never thought I’d see the day
  • It ain’t gonna happen
  • In your wildest dreams


And on go the one-liners we’ve heard in a variety of ways. All seem to speak to an emptiness, dullness, boring repetition, and rather skeptical view of life.

But life is NOT hum-drum! Therefore, let’s explore a full, exciting, fresh-every-day, and rather hopeful view of life. Will you join me?

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