If you are a C.S. Lewis fan, you know he often talks about a certain magic in his children’s stories. It’s a very good magic – deep in meaning, inviting, safe, and hidden. It’s filled with wonder and hope. It’s the marvel of the land of Narnia.

Aslan is the great lion who makes you think of God. He is dearly loved by readers. And this lion can do anything! These stories are so laced with this attractive magic, they’ve been loved over decades and geography.

The magic Mr. Lewis often brings to life can be identified as the lovely magic of our God. You may not think of God’s work as magic because of how magic has become associated in the world. You may be more comfortable with words like miracle or power.

God is full of miracles. He blesses His children’s lives with it every day. Sadly, few have eyes to see these miracles, but they are real. Many are so regular, that people have come to expect them. I’m not referring to instant dishes of Turkish Delight. Or turning stone statues back into real beings again. Or the secret entrance to a fantastic, wintry world and a famous lamp pole through a magic wardrobe. The magic I’m talking about is focused on God’s character, how He practices it, and the product of His interacting with the physical lives of His children.

The greatest gift of magic from God is the extreme kindness and love He showed by sending a Savior when the time was right. This one magical moment brought a tiny infant baby into our world and launched an annual celebration loved by the world for centuries. This little one – fully God and fully human – grew up in joy and sinlessness. His kindness and love caught everyone’s attention. His wisdom awed the greatest teachers of that day. Jesus is still alive: fully God, fully human.

While on earth, Jesus carried out God’s plan of salvation for His lost people. At the cross, Christ’s amazing qualities climaxed into a merciful magic that required extreme surrender to suffering and death for that precious grown up baby. If you read the gospels with any imagination, you notice He is not only willing to be our sacrifice; He is intentionally pursuing the cross near the end of His short life.

Through this act of extreme kindness and love, Jesus saves, forgives, and rebirths any person who believes – back into His noble, royal family. Magic! Undeserved merciful magic, with a high price Jesus paid. If that was not enough, God gives even more. He literally lives inside every believer. He renews you into holiness and makes you perfect by His grace. Because Jesus took away your sins and exchanged them for His holiness, God now sees the beauty of Jesus when He looks at you. More magic! Undeserved, merciful magic that brings you back into fellowship with God Himself.

This is hope. This is belonging. This is eternal life as a royal person with all the rights and privileges that will never end. Magic! Undeserved future of sheer delight.

Because you are the recipient of God’s good, undeserved magic, you can live in this miracle each day. You can know His power in your life. Surely, you will pass this on to others who need some magic. Some hope.

Don’t waste your time and energy on foolish pursuits or quarrels that don’t matter. Side-step everything and everyone that is divisive about God’s kindness and love. Get into God’s Word and learn more about His magic. Learn how to be the royal person God created you to be and share His good magic. Live in His power. Welcome His miracles. Live in the kindness and love of the Great Lion.

What can you do today to bring credibility through your life to God’s good magic? Why not live inside His magic? It’s free for you, and Jesus will teach you how to wield it for His glory and your own good.

Article developed from Titus 3:1-15.


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