This has been the most difficult election process I remember. usa-1327105_1280  So many concerning things leading up to this week of voting. I think the best one-liner is now: VOTE: prayerfully!

white-house-754766_1280I’ve been pondering how – even in a country where we help decide policy – there are still so many things outside our individual control. Honestly, that is part of the frustration with this election. BUT – I’ve been reminded there are still some things we have a lot of control over, pertaining to governing powers.

Your 1 vote is truly important in our election year. But even more important is your 1 life lived out each day in a manner that “pleases God rather than man.” (Acts 5:29)

Whatever you decide to do with your 1 vote, it should always be with a godly heart Do it with “well-thought faith.” Your own character should not be compromised as you respond to evil. That would only become 2 evils instead of 1. Scripture urges – “overcome evil with good.” (Rom. 12:21)



Carry out responses pleasing to God. Make your election choices match the principles in His Word. In fact, make your everyday choices match His principles. Here are some examples:


  • Keep your tongue from evil. (Ps. 34:13)
  • Maintain a pure heart. (Ps. 139:23-24)
  • Let your responses to authority be observed (and represent God’s heart) so others may praise your Father in Heaven. (Mt. 5:16)
  • Be strong and courageous (Josh. 1:7) as you hold out the Word of truth like a star shining in the universe. (Phil. 2:15).

All these responses stem from acts of good conscience, not from fear. Choose to cooperate and be supportive rather than divisive and critical. Contribute your part (yes, even taxes!) rather than cheat or scheme a way out (and call it “clever” or “cover it up”).

One thing an election year can never take away from you, no matter who wins or loses, is the power you have been given to choose what kind of person you will be. You get to choose, not just once every 4 years – but every moment of every day, the kind of character you will practice. What you practice is what you become good at.

Jesus showed respect for governing authorities. He modeled cooperation and peaceful responses. Yet, He spoke up when He knew something disagreed with God’s government. He never compromised His own character and example.

Scripture says that all government is on Jesus’ shoulders. (Is. 9:6) If you take that to the individual level, you can safely know that the governing of your life is also on His shoulders. You get to choose Him to be your President, your Lord, your King, your dearest Friend!

So, how will you choose to respond in your thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions as you vote – and after the dust settles from this troubled election? How will you live over the next 4 years to bring credibility to God’s rule in your life? What kinds of things will you commit to do that help build a better country? A better family? A better private life?


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