Something special happened recently –

“It’s raining again! We wait and watch. Pray. It’s just not happening. The spring is too wet – so much rain. Scheduling a pocket to plant between rains is tricky. Every step in soggy, tilled soil leaves a footprint 6 inches deep. NOT the right conditions to plant a vegetable garden. It barely dries out and BAM! – more rain.


I experience keen awareness of community farmers and pray for them. For the weather. For the crops. And I pray for our own garden. Still, we wait.

On a day pushing the edge of timely planting, conditions cooperate – at least for a couple of hours. But we need more than a couple of hours. We need a solid day. The soil is dry enough to walk on, dig in, and plant in. But before climbing out of bed, the forecast – “rain again at about 10:00 a.m.”

I simply decide to engage faith and pray,

“Jesus, You know we rely on our garden. We can’t get it planted. You care about this. My little plot of ground needs Your help. Please give us time to plant today. BUT, I resolve to trust You no matter what happens! Carry out Your plan for this day. If You allow us to plant, we will work hard with thankful hearts. If You allow rain, we will praise You with thankful hearts. I believe Your love and goodness.”

Then I get up. We gather tools, seed packets, plants, twine, and gloves. We measure. Drive stakes. It all takes time. By mid-morning – 10:00 a.m. – we are ready to plant. Methodically, we start with one corner – seeds every 2 inches. Check the weather. WHAT? Rain pushed back till about 1:00 p.m.? Hmm . . . keep planting. The next area of square feet – different crop. Check the weather. Interesting! Rain pushed back till 3:00 or 4:00. Mounds formed. Delicate hands insert tiny plants. Check weather. Wow. Rain pushed back till 7:00 p.m. Sun fully shining. Cool breeze to comfort sweaty bodies and lift spirits.

DONE! Hungry. Dinner on the deck in the sun with a cheerful breeze. Basking in answered prayer.

Then the sky darkens. Not sunset. Rain clouds roll in. Pitter-Patter. Gentle water falls from God’s watering can, caressing tender, new plants. Soothing tiny roots. Our miracle day.

My heart rises in thankfulness. I know answered prayer when I see it. It’s happened many times over the decades of life.

But some days, answered prayer looks different. We don’t understand. We suffer. It takes so long. Years. Decades. Health declines. Financial disappointment. A relationship breaks. We lose a job. Death invades.

Often, prayer is answered at a higher level than we can see. We must:

  • Pray sincerely, believing God hears, cares, and answers.
  • Anticipate His answer. It will often NOT make sense.
  • Look for little things that remind of God’s love and work.
  • Resolve to believe God’s claims and promises.
  • Resolve to worship and praise with a thankful heart.
  • Draw close to God in our hearts as we live out days of suffering, sorrow, disappointment – still clinging to an answer yet to come.

How do I know these things? How do you think I know? My life is like yours!”

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Heb.11:1)


Check out the Faith Boost WOW List. Pay special attention to answered prayer through intense suffering and disappointment.

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