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Alive and Active Life Podcast brings great content to the podcast crowd!

Our launch episode (top of this page) is a live interview with Alive and Active Life’s author and the podcast sound technician.

Through our podcast, you –

  • maximize your time.
  • receive practical, encouraging content.
  • encourage your heart in God.


We are live on major podcast apps. You can also listen from our website, using the player at the top of each article.

Alive and Active Life Podcast

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Our Goal is to give you practical information from God’s Word that encourages and empowers your relationship with God.  

Our Promise is to help you grow as a Jesus follower. Through resources (articles, podcast, books, e-books, audiobooks, and more), we come alongside you to help you launch an Alive and Active Life.

You Can Do This! Partner With God!


Why a Podcast?

On your commute

There are lots of good reasons to podcast, and some could be yours:

  • You’re busy and look for ways to multi-task.
  • You have a list of reading, so you tackle some through audio options.
  • Getting current with quality material is important to you, so you podcast.
  • Good information to grow your relationship with God is not always tech friendly.


You can podcast:

  • On your commute, uninterrupted.
  • Over lunch hour.
  • During a work-out time.
  • While mowing a lawn.
  • As you clean your house.
  • On an early morning walk.


We continually drop content into our library for you! “Plug-in” to practical, quality content!

Listen while jogging




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Famine – Scripture Dissection

Well, it’s time! The last two Scripture dissections, God’s Timing and God’s Humor, we left something completely unresolved. The famine! And really – that’s an important development. We built up to it, showing how people suffered intolerably for three years. Now, Elijah introduces he’s back! And then introduces it’s God’s timing to end the famine. So, here is the amazing story – with a couple of twists and some teaching points. Read More …

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Your Valuable Life

Have you had the joy of watching little kids when they get in front of a mirror? They have heart-warming and sometimes hilarious interactions. These little ones have such authenticity and vulnerability as they interact with “themselves” in the mirror. What about you? When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you value the reflection of that person? Are you authentically being “you” each day? Read More …

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Feeling down is a common, yet challenging condition to manage. Whether over-tired, mistreated, discouraged, or even struggling with depression – being on the “down side” is real.

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God’s Humor – Scripture Dissection

What situation comes to your mind when you hear that old saying – “God has a sense of humor?” I have numerous scenarios that come to mind. Oddly, it seems God’s humor is at play more often than we realize. And it’s a brilliant sense of humor. As humans, we try to develop a sense of humor, especially in teen years. And since we are made in God’s image, the quality of humor is there to be developed. I want to look at God’s humor as we continue Part 2 of our Scripture dissection of 1 Kings 18. This is exciting content. Read More …

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You Need A Sponge

Do you remember when you first learned how to clean up a mess? Whether it was your own mess or someone else’s, it stared you in the face, and you had to clean it up. So, what tools did you use to clean up the mess? From spills in the kitchen to oil overflows in the garage. Perhaps a pet issue or simply spilled milk. Whatever the mess to clean up – you need a sponge. Read More …

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I Am “They”

Many people feel invisible today. Some work hard and long to do the right thing – often behind-the-scenes – not for recognition or glory, but because it must be done. As a result, many folks with noble commitment go unnoticed. You’ve likely felt invisible in your hard work, faithfully doing what God asks each day. And “they” don’t seem to notice. But God notices. In fact, He says – “I Am They.” Read More …

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