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Alive and Active Life


Alive and Active Life Podcast adds value to your life and gives great content to the podcast crowd! Our first launch episode is a live interview with Alive and Active Life’s author and the podcast sound technician.

Through this podcast, you now have an audio option to –

  • maximize your time.
  • reach for practical, encouraging material to have an Alive and Active Life, even with your busy life in this demanding world!
  • nurture your soul and encourage your heart in God each day.

We are live on major podcast apps. You can also listen on our website player at the top of every article on our website.

On a regular basis, we record in our studio, bringing new content to help you live with hope, positive perspective, and awareness that God is with you. He is ready to give very practical help in every of one your life situations!

I have 4 Action Steps for you:

  1. Subscribe to Alive and Active Life Podcast. (Instructions below.)
  2. Periodically check the podcast library for quality material because we are always adding content.
  3. Tell other people about our podcast.
  4. Sign up on our email list!

Our Goal is to give you practical information from God’s Word to encourage you, enable you, and empower you to walk with God in a fresh way each day. You can have an Alive and Active Life. Partner With God.

Our Promise to you is to help you grow in your walk with God and to equip you by providing excellent resources and tools, books and e-books, and more. Why not live an Alive and Active Life? You Can Do This!

Why a Podcast?

On your commute

There are lots of good reasons to podcast, and some of them could be your reasons:

  • You are busy and looking for ways to multi-task.
  • You have a list of reading, so you tackle some of it through audio options.
  • Perhaps you grab up excellent material, and multiply your hours by podcasting.
  • Good information to grow your relationship with God is not always tech friendly.

Podcasting opens a new door to grow.

  • On your commute, you can listen uninterrupted.
  • More practical applications to maximize time:
    • lunch hour,
    • a work-out time,
    • mowing a lawn,
    • cleaListen while joggingning your house,
    • an early morning walk.
  • If you travel many hours for your career, our podcast gives you a resource for encouraging, uplifting material. We are building a library for you!
  • Maybe you learn better by hearing than reading. An audio message can inspire response and linger in your memory.
  • You may have poor eye-sight and depend on audio tools and resources.
  • You may not like to read.

Whatever your reason, you can “plug-in” and listen to quality content!


If you are not part of the podcast crowd, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 to connect. Here’s how.

How To Set Up Your Alive and Active Life Podcast

  • OPTION 1 – Don’t want to do any set up? No problem! You can listen to Alive and Active Life Podcast on our website. Once a podcast has been published with a blog article, just click “play” on the player located at the top of the blog. Easy peasey! No muss. No fuss.

  • OPTION 2 – New to podcasts and want to have it stream to your device automatically?
    • On your device, go to the app store and download one of these free apps (free on Android and/or iOS):
      • Google Podcasts
      • Apple Podcasts
      • Spotify
      • Castbox
    • Sign in if the app requires it (e.g. use your e-mail account).
    • Go to the search feature in the app.
      • Search for “Alive and Active Life.”
      • Tap the icon for Alive and Active Life Podcast. The picture will be the “leaves” icon.
    • Click/Tap “subscribe.”
    • Now the full library of podcasts is at your fingertips. As new content is released each week, it will automatically be made available to you through the app. The apps have different customizable notification settings, but usually the default is to notify you when a new episode is released.

Already a podcast subscriber?

Listen anywhere

  • Alive and Active Life Podcast is readily available through the following apps:
    • Google Podcasts
    • Apple Podcasts
    • Spotify
    • Castbox
  • Go to the search feature in the app.
    • Search for “Alive and Active Life.”
    • Tap the icon for Alive and Active Life Podcast. The picture will be the “leaves” icon.
  • Tap “subscribe”.
  • If your podcast app of choice is not listed above, you can still use it. You just need to manually subscribe to Alive and Active Life Podcast feed using the following URL:
    • Otherwise, you can follow the previous instructions for downloading/using one of the above popular podcast apps Alive and Active Life Podcast is registered with.

Join Alive and Active Life Podcast

Sign up today. And tell your friends and family about our new resource! This time-saving, multi-tasking audio option is another tool for your Alive and Active Life Tool Box.

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First episode: We have a podcast!