Sooner or later, a person comes face to face with their weaknesses and limitations. If they don’t face them, they may be living in a fantasy world in attempts to survive. Or perhaps they have given in to deceptive compromises. Or they may have become hardened. None of these promote healthy living. There is one approach that really helps.

Real people – authentic, honest, committed folks – get in touch with their weaknesses. They admit them, learn to manage them, strategically navigate around them, grow through them, and/or co-exist with them in a healthy manner. These are good coping options when applied thoughtfully and with sincerity.

Have you confronted your weaknesses? Have you admitted your limitations? Are you authentic?

Paul faced his weaknesses and limitations by turning to Jesus in them. Remember, that’s the same Jesus he once persecuted. When Paul chose to believe Jesus and got real about his limits and weaknesses, he discovered an amazing secret. “When I am weak, then I am strong.” (2 Cor. 12:10) Interesting mystery, don’t you think? How, practically speaking, does a person find strength in weakness?

Finding Strength in Weakness and Limitations

As a believer in Jesus, your first, best step to address weakness is to turn to Jesus. Just admit that without His help and power, your efforts for transformation will be empty. The enemy works to break everything you engage for growth. But Jesus? He is for you! He honors your growth and gives you power. Keep that in the front of your mind as you develop good coping options and practice them.


The next thing you need is earnest prayer. Approach God; be real with Him. Tell Him the truth about yourself. Things like – why you keep messing up. What you need help with. That you can’t do life without Him. That you don’t even know what to say or do in your relationship with Him – or with others.

Then ask Him to help you. Ask for resources like – wisdom, ideas, guidance, options, perseverance, resolve, power, acceptance, ability to forgive, a change of heart, insight. Let Him search you. He already knows all about you, and He wants to show you things about yourself. He also wants to show you His heart, His mind, His love for you, and His power to help you. God is for you.

After that, tell Him you resolve to trust and obey Him no matter what happens. This is critical. Do this.

Finally, praise Him by faith, even before He does a thing on your behalf. It’s an unbelievable, extreme privilege to approach God in His perfect holiness. His throne room used to be off limits to you before Jesus redeemed you. So, remember who you are talking to. Apply reverence, respect, and worship even as you follow these action steps. Sincere praise opens options. Gratitude makes it hard to sin.

At times you must wait for His answer. Praise Him as you wait. Be faithful to the only Person who is faithful to you. Let your testimony be: “I trusted Him through it all – and it was my best decision ever.”

Earnestly connect to God with eager expectation. Reach Back * to Him daily as you and He work together on your life. Jesus cares about you and your weaknesses. In fact, He is praying for you with groans deep inside His heart. This is a 24/7 arrangement for your benefit. Remind yourself God is for you and loves you deeply. He wants you to be healthy, honest, humble, and real. He will teach you how to be all these things. And you will become authentic. Jesus said, “I will never leave or forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5)

Since It’s Your Move,** why not move closer to Jesus?

Article developed from Rom. 8:26-27.

 * Reach Back; Intentionally Reaching Back to God.


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