Mahatma Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

If you look up will in the dictionary, definitions include, determination, motivation, drive, resolve, backbone, spirit, self-control, in addition to willpower. Indomitable means unconquerable, strong, resolute, determined, and stubborn. With those kinds of words describing a person’s will, what is will power?

What Is Will Power?

Many of us think about will power when it comes to sticking to a diet or exercise program. Some think of the reserve needed to get through a difficult life season. A person may call on all their will power to finish strenuous requirements of an educational or professional pursuit. A dear person may be reaching into their storehouse of will power to manage depression or on-going health problems. Regardless, will power is required to succeed.

Will power is an energy that flows from your power center. This center is created by God and given to each person. Did you know you have one of these? Your power center’s essence and eternal replenishment flows from God’s very own, personal power center. How incredible! This means if a person is plugged into God and relying on Him, they have endless power available to live daily life. This is important since life can get pretty difficult. Problems get complicated. Relationships can get dicey. Stress mounts. Energy drain is a reality.

If your life is like mine, you know you need power to live each day well. You have so many balls to keep in the air, decisions to make, results to ensure, and responsibilities. Many things that happen are out of your control, which makes living even more challenging. In fact, honestly? The only thing you have full control over is your will.

Being truly honest, you know you have control over what you might say or do next. Your power center – your will – gives you options. Because God is the source of your power, it is God who gives you options. And options are what you need. This realization keeps you out of a “victim mentality,” especially when your life falls apart or gets trespassed by extreme problems or suffering.

Yet, you need wisdom beyond your own to set a path and carry out good decisions. You need strength. And you need companionship. Jesus meets all your needs. (Phil. 4:19)

It is by using your will that you build your life. Every moment, you decide what kind of person you will be the next moment. All those moments chain together to form your life. That can be good – or not so good. It’s your decision.

Your Will Power in This Broken World

This broken world is full of disappointments. The fact that you have power is significant. It changes everything. You are not a victim of life. Your future depends on you using your will. Perhaps someone else’s future depends on it. With God’s help, you decide what happens next:

  • How to respond.
  • What attitudes to adopt.
  • What to say.
  • If you should confront.
  • Is it best to ignore?
  • How to give it a shot – and hope.
  • Do you set a boundary?
  • How to use your time and energy.
  • Engaging a creative, fresh approach.
  • Choosing the character to practice.

With your will, you set priorities and pathways, forming new habits and patterns. With your will, you break old ones! You are the only person on the planet who can use your will to accomplish anything. A will powered by God is a fabulous resource.

Solving problems, getting results, and maintaining a balanced, healthy life isn’t always about changing your situation. That’s good news, because many times you can’t. Running doesn’t help. Pretending is unhealthy. So why not begin to live with the power God designed you to have. Partner with God.

Use Your Will To Solve Problems And Live Healthy:

The single best way to use your free will and get control of your life is to take responsibility for your power center and partner with God. He will help you be all He created you to be. Engage your will power to enable a well-lived life.

  • Line your perspective up with God’s.
  • Think according to the Scriptures.
  • Apply scriptural principles no matter how you feel.
  • Be a living sacrifice. This is really hard until you actually do it. Then somehow, as you simply surrender, being a living sacrifice becomes much easier.
  • Embrace the privilege of waiting in each “pause” of life. Most living is done in a pause. Why not empower your pauses with God’s refreshing resources?
  • Eagerly expect to receive from God. He is faithful.
  • Rest in the Lord and praise Him before you see progress or intervention.

Gain incredible will power by prayerfully practicing surrender to God each day.


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